Woman Planned At Home Movie Date For Wife During Lockdown

Alle Shapiro came up with the unique idea of movie date at home for her wife Allison Reese. In the midst of lockdown, the couples are doing unique things for their partner. This was one of those unique couple dates. As Alle couldn’t take Allison for a real movie date, she brought the theatre at home. Allison considered this as date goals.


Alle made a theatre in the corner of the house. She put a board with all the movie names that should be running in the theatre now. The list includes movies such as The Lion King, Birds of Prey, Endings Beginnings, etc. Allison mentioned that the date was stupidly cute and very expensive.

The ticket was handmade which clearly stated “Admits One”. There was a list of things available to eat that are commonly found at theatre. Alle made a whole board sating the food name and its price.

The ticket prices and snacks rates were similar to a real movie theatre. Allison was able to buy only one ticket. We hope that she used it in a very well-judged manner. However, this was not the real movie theatre so they could watch as much as they wanted. But this was done to give the real feel of the theatre.

The idea was shared by Allison on social media. There was no doubt that the people appreciated Alle’s efforts. The post had around 250k likes and was retweeted around 26k times. The date prepared by Alle was delightful. The people on social media relished what Alle did for her wife.

Many of the social media followers commented on the post. Some of them found it very sweet of Alle to come up with the idea. Some of them inspired by the idea and wanted to do the same for their partners. Some of them shared their unique idea of a date in this lockdown.

One of them had prepared a small café in half of the house. He set up the plates and put lights for the complete ambiance of the café. He even prepared a menu so that they could write what they have to order.

This is nice that couples are getting so much time together. They are doing things to make their partner special. They are coming up with a unique idea and creativity. This lockdown has given us some quality time indeed. This time was much needed to have a happy time with our loved ones.