Woman Goes On Blind Dates On Instagram Live

Due to coronavirus outbreak, followed by the world wide lockdown, everyone is stuck at home. It has led to a slow down not only in the economy but also in relationships. Couples are apart from each other and waiting for the lockdown to get over. However, Urszula Makowska, a New York influencer from Brooklyn, came up with an innovative idea to go on dates and spice up her love life.


All the single folks started to date online. They are fully utilizing Face Time and Skype as a medium to go on dates. Urszula added a twist to this new style of dating. She allowed her friends to select the guys she would go on an online date with and her followers would decide whether there is a chance for a second date.

This social experiment was a result of brainstorming during this quarantine. Urzsula’s date was arranged by her friends using the dating app Hinge. They swiped and found matches for Urzsula. A virtual date was then set up for the couple. The intimacy which the couples had during the normal dates was not enjoyed in this modern style of dating. These dates were broadcasted live and were watched by Urzsula’s 230,000 followers. Also, the 25-year-old actor knew nothing about the guy beforehand.

Urzsula said that she was the only one in her group who was single so, her friends decided to set up this fun social dating experiment. Using her Hinge account, they match her with the guys whom she might find interesting. They also seek the permission for an Instagram live date. The date lasts for an hour every Sunday. After the date, the followers vote whether they should have a second date or not.


Urzsula seems to enjoy this new experiment. She added that it was not only entertaining but was also a great way for her to meet someone who might actually end up being her partner. It helped her to learn more about herself and also the other person would get to know more about themselves. It also promoted the importance of staying at home during this quarantine.

Urzsula also gave a deep thought to this modern dating technique. She invited relationship experts to watch the live stream so that they could analyze their psychological compatibility and common interests and differences. The list also included her friend Karolina Kolowska. She looked at their psychological compatibility. She observed whether the person is extroverted or introverted, whether he is loud or quiet. If the person is emotionally available, mentally healthy and focused, outdoorsy or a homebody type.

Karolina also saw their common interests and differences. She also checked their professional background and evaluated their social media profiles to determine whether that person would be considered attractive and interesting by her friend, Urzsula.

It seems like a great way to get know each other during this lockdown and be there for the other person. Do you trust your friends who would be able to organize such kind of date for you?