Woman Dumped Insecure Boyfriend When He Asked Her To Not Lose Weight

A woman named Kylie Hansen achieved new heights of physical transformation by shedding a large number of calories. The woman was struggling with her body weighing 18st 5lb. To cut down the health issue, she ended up taking the weight loss spree. That made her boyfriend feel insecure. It ended their bond. Now, the woman is enjoying her healthy life.

The weight had turned out the bone in the throat for many souls across the globe. It has fanned the fire of health issues for the concerned souls. So the obese people are making to the fitness arena to sweat out. One of these determined souls is Kylie Hansen.

There were the days when Kylie used to roam around for a UK size 22 dresses in the shopping malls. She used to struggle with her body to perform her daily chores. Her addiction to food sowed seeds of problems for her. Gradually, the grave health issues started to envelop her life. Her figure ruined the charm that she had built during her 12 year career of cheerleader and swimmer. Tussling with the fears of a painful end, she ended up giving nod to her healthy lifestyle.

She started her figure transformation spree in 2013. To get into slim shape, she underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

After that, she never looked back at her obese body. Kylie drew out a diet chart. She followed it with full determination. The fire in her heart managed to cut out the cravings. She reduced her calorie intake from 2500 to 1500. A healthy platter full of fruits and juice replaced processed food. Not just the diet plan but the woman also shed a lot of calories by working herself out in the gym. As a result of her two years’ efforts, she ended up getting into her desirable shape.

Currently, the 27-year-old from California dons a fit and slim body weighing 12st 2lbs. She no longer looks at large sizes and goes ahead for a UK 14-16 dress size. Her look makes her bubble up with joy. Her body and heart go in sync to help her follow her healthy diet and exercise schedules.

Well, not all in her life supported her weight loss spree. Her then-boyfriend told her not to go for it. According to Kylie, he started feeling insecure about seeing her transformation. But nothing could stop her. She ended up snapping her ties with her lover who was dragging her steps back. To her delight, the emotional turmoil blossomed up when her childhood friend Jacob came forward to shower his love and support on her.

Hence, the woman is all smiles now and living her life to the full. The love of health drives her life and makes her cherish its delightful essence.

Shedding light on her struggle, she shared, “Waking up from surgery and being told, ‘You can’t eat that’, was the hardest part for me. Our brains are still wired the same. If I had a food addiction prior to surgery, I still had that addiction after surgery”.

Taking on the healthy transformation of her family, she said, “My entire family was obese, and we all eventually had weight loss surgery. I’m proud to say that we’ve all made our health a priority and are living our best lives. It’s been great having each of them for support”.

Thus, determination and perseverance bridged the gap between goals and accomplishments.