Waitrose Employee Arrived For Shift And Was Signed By Music Manager

A woman named Karina Ramage saw the dawn of her musical life when a music manager named Dan Galtman signed her up in the Waitrose store (West Hampstead). The Waitrose store employee was doing her shift in the store when he turned up to ask her to perform something for him with her guitar. He ended up signing her.


We all know that luck favors the brave. It looks perfect as one goes down the success stories of great artists. Their talents meet their golden ends with huge pomp and show. A woman named Karina Ramage also rejoiced the rain of luck when she signed up with a music manager in the Waitrose store.

It was a perfect day to take on the work. Karina Ramage reached the Waitrose store in West Hampstead to do her shift without having any idea of her golden moment. She used to work twice a week. After getting up with her work, she reached the biscuit section. Then a customer named Dan Glatman who was there to buy biscuits and flour walked up to her on seeing her guitar. He asked her what was with the guitar.

Putting down his query, she told him that she was a part-time singer. On hearing that, his anxiety reached a peak. He requested her to perform something for him with her guitar. So she took up her guitar and he took out his phone to capture her notes. Karina began her performance with high spirits. She took up her song- ‘Wasteland’. The song brought out human-made disasters that tore into the soul of Mother Earth.

Her ballistic performance stole the hearts of the people present around her. Dan Glatman (who is a music manager) went ahead to praise her for her soulful performance. The 44-year-old man said, “I’m in, I’m so in. That sounds like the sort of song the world needs to be hearing right now.” Not just that but he went ahead to sign her up to become her manager.

After getting done with the formalities, he went ahead to share her performance with the world. He uploaded the video shedding light on her musical talent. Taking on that part, he said, “It totally blew me away. I was just like, ‘My God! That was just like a hit, she was amazing!” Adding to that, he shared, “I went in there for a packet of biscuits and a bag of flour and walked out with a star. You are searching for a needle in a haystack and I found it in a biscuit aisle.”

Not just Glatman but her voice also stole the hearts of other social media users. One of them heaped praise on her by saying, “If there’s any justice, this lady would get signed today. Great voice, singer-songwriter.” Another said, “Such a talented vocal singer. A star in the waiting”.

Thus, the 25-year-old Glasgow-born artist rose to fame and her performance brought laurels to her. The world is now placing her future on par with that of Froncysyllte Male Voice Choir- another bunch of stars that Dan Glatman hunted at a wedding.

Not just that but people are also expecting her to create a mark like that of Blue who won two Brit awards with five albums. After signing the agreement, the two went ahead to search for a record that could suit her voice.

Hopefully, the expectations of the fans would come true.