This Woman Suffering From Multiple Sclerosis Asked To Leave Her Seat For A Man Who Wanted Extra Leg Space, She Is Furious And How.

Giving up your seat for someone in need is another kind of charity you do for people’s good. However, a man asked this woman suffering from multiple sclerosis to give up her seat so that he could get some extra leg space.

Amelia Ayres, 24, resident of Plymouth, was furious over the behavior of a man despite her condition, where her legs have abnormal sensory disturbances, often described as numbness, tingling, or “pins and needles”.

Life is a difficult journey for a person living with a lifelong autoimmune condition that can cause problems with arm or leg movement, vision, balance and sensation. The girl opened up about her struggle of going through it each day. She is undergoing its treatment and sitting on priority seats on public transport is her right. However, she looks normal and she is frustrated that her symptoms are not visible to anyone and treat her like it’s no big deal to stand up while on a journey.

She recalls an incident of November 2018, when she was traveling on a train when a tall man looked at me and said, “I need you to move so I can sit there as I have long legs.” The mother of the girl looked at him and said that the seat is meant for the disabled and that her daughter has MS. She revealed her anger by saying, “After that I got my MS card out and put it on the table in case anyone else questioned my right to sit there. I was so angry.”

Amelia was diagnosed with the MS in April 2014. She had begun to develop severe headaches in March 2013 and as a result her provisional license was taken away due to the medication she was on. Hence, her mother drives her and they use Amelia’s blue badge.
The condition makes her think that she is okay and once she’d start walking, within the span of 10 minutes, she will get a horrendous pain in her calves and it makes her feel that her legs are heavy like tree trunks.

She has setup a help page on Facebook, called MS UK, to provide support to people living with the terrible condition.