This Woman Gave Birth To Septuplets and They Are The First One In Iraq

Giving birth is a bliss and a mother is a lone fighter inside a labor room. The pain is more than a body can take and still, she conquers all and makes the pain worth it. This woman went under that pain seven times and gave birth to seven babies.

A hospital in the Diyala Province of eastern Iraq saw a miracle take place. An unnamed 25-year-old mother gave birth to seven babies, six girls and one boy in a natural birth. These are the first septuplets of the country. The other and the babies are reported to be perfect.
Incredible arrival was then captured in pictures and it shows adorable babies lying together after their medical checkups.

Health department spokesperson, Firas Al Izzawi, said that it was a natural birth and the 25-year-old is perfectly fine after delivering seven babies.

Dad of the septuplets, Youssef Fadl, said that the mother doesn’t consider having any more babies. Why would she when she already has 10 of them now! However, it wasn’t the first septuplets of the world. The first septuplets were born in November 1997. McCaugheys, the parents of first septuplets, three girls and four boys. In 2016, these seven kids graduated from their high school in Iowa, USA and were beaming with a smile.


When they were told about seven heartbeats, doctors suggested them to get a selective reduction. The parents didn’t pay any heed to the suggestion and considered it God’s will.
She had taken fertility medicine Metrodin that helped her get over malfunctioning of the pituitary gland as it was a hindrance in the stimulating ovulation. The doctors said that the selective reduction will increase the chances of survival for the babies and the mother. She declined it and said that it was in “God’s hands”.

In her case, the babies arrived 9 weeks early who weighed between 1.05kg to 1.5kg. Two of the lot were born with cerebral palsy. They were fine after the proper surgery and treatment.

Such births make us immensely happy and there is no way we are going to skip on such pieces of articles, EVER