This Woman Gave A Surprise Photo Shoot To Her Grandparents On Their 60th Anniversary And The Pictures Are Gorgeous

Grandkids have always been close to their grandparents and the bond is the most special one. This granddaughter gave her grandparents a surprise photoshoot on their 60th anniversary and the pictures are beautiful.


Love is not about the goody-goody things. It is more about the struggles you see together and still choose to stick together. George and Virginia “Ginger” Brown have managed to maintain that love for 60 long years and are celebrating the same.

60 years of togetherness, my goodness! That’s a long time and today’s generation can’t even stand together for 60 months forget about years.

Photographer Abigail Lydick, the granddaughter made her grandparents believe that she was taking out on dinner for their anniversary. The grandparents had traveled from South Carolina to New Jersey to be with family and they were expecting a night in the town with their granddaughter.

Posted by Abigail Gingerale Photography on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

However, Lydick had different plans up her sleeves. She arranged a photoshoot to recreate images from 60 years ago. Yes, their wedding pictures were about to be recreated by their granddaughter.

Isn’t that the sweetest?

While talking about revelation, she said, “I told them I had all this lined up for them, and they were shocked and excited and even a little nervous to be in front of the camera. My grandmom had never even had professional hair or makeup done before.”

The couple was definitely nervous but they didn’t let that come in the pathway of their shoot.

Posted by Abigail Gingerale Photography on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The photographer shared the images of the couple on her Facebook page and the results are pure love.

The couple can be laughing together and the crease lines on their faces depict the true happiness.

This day turned out to be memorable for them and added a day they can cherish with their granddaughter. We hope to see such bonds everywhere around us. Not all grandkids are this considerate towards the special day of their grandparents.