This Wedding Cake Featuring Severed Heads Of The Couple Receives Mixed Reactions From The People

Weddings are an elegant affair involving loads of preparation. With changing times, people are ditching the old traditional ways followed at a wedding. They are choosing the eccentric path, just like this couple who ordered a “unique” wedding cake!

Wedding cakes are a crucial element of the ceremony. The couple puts a lot of thought behind the flavor and design of the cake. If you are imagining all the pretty multi-tier cakes here, then we are sorry to break your bubble!

This couple did put some thought into the designing of the cake, but it is not something any of us would expect.

So, if we have to describe this cake, it can’t sound less terrible, as much as we try to make it pleasant! The cake seemed as if it is straight out of a horror movie. The severed heads of both of them made an appearance on the cake with blood splotches making it look so real!

Guess what the words were written on this repulsive cake!

They read, “Till Death Do Us Part”!

You can feel disgusted by this cake, but the idea deserves applause. The picture of the cake surfaced on the internet and people had all kinds of things to say.

One comment was, “Thanks I HATE it”.

We assure you that you are not the only one who shuddered as you saw it!

We should talk about the face behind this design too. Sideserf Cake Studio in Austin, Texas which is owned by Dave and Natalie who are also the hosts of Food Network series Texas Cake House take the credit for this creation.

They shared the post on Instagram and explained that it was their own wedding cake. They took the vows before Halloween and this is what came to their mind as a wedding cake design!

The couple is definitely talented and innovative! Who would ever think of serving their “severed heads” at the wedding!

People are appreciating their work on Instagram. One person commented, “Holy…..this is terrifying! But seriously amazing work.”

This cringe-worthy cake design is receiving praise too as the creativity is what matters. Consider something unconventional for your wedding too!