This One Incident Is What You Need To Know About Before You Go For Your First Smear Test

Letting a doctor check your genitals can be embarrassing and tough at the same time. However, getting a smear test once is important to be sure of healthy bits. This woman went for her first smear test and the details might tell you that it isn’t as scary as you thought it to be.

The daunting experience of letting a doctor get to your cervix is something we don’t usually look forward to. Some people might be totally okay with the idea of it but many of us are not very comfortable just with the thought of it and is also a big deal for some.

A smear test is an important step for detecting cervical cancer and you can’t avoid it if you intend to get yourself tested. Women keep skipping their appointments due to the embarrassment which might not be as healthy as you thought it to be. We need to get over this stigma and attend our cervical screening appointments regularly.

This woman shared her experience of first smear test and she accepts that the invitation of getting checked up got her nervous. She had different things coming in her mind and all of it got her worried. She was worried to the extent that she kept delaying her appointment. The first letter came in October, six months before her 25th birthday and she went for her first appointment after 4 months.

Now that she has been through the process, she considers that it was lame of her to put her health at risk just because of a fear that a nurse would be looking at her lady bits.

As soon as she stepped into the room she was comfortable due to the friendly nature of the nurse. The nurse talked about the whole process and then asked if she would want to see the equipment that was to be used on her body and the lady said yes for obvious reason.

The nurse tried her best to make her examinee feel comfortable and when she succeeded in it, it was time to get on the table and get tested. The nurse explained everything she was doing and then it was over. The sensation could definitely be different and weird but you can’t skip the appointments for such a reason.

Something that takes less than a minute, can’t be scary and daunting in any way if it’s in hands of professional nurses. If you are one of those who plans to get a smear test but are scared of someone touching your lady bits, know that your health is important and the experience will help you save your life and it will all be done in a minute.