This Mother Of Two Decided To Lose Weight Without Exercising, Only After She Got Stuck In Alton Towers Ride.

Being fit is in trend these days. Previously, people never bothered about their weight and body shape. However, things have changed and people don’t want to be comfortable in an unhealthy lifestyle. This woman gave up on her unhealthy way of living and lost 7st without hitting the gym or any form of exercise.

Mandee Hall, 37-year-old, a mother of two, realized that her weight had gone way too far when she got stuck in a ride. Embarrassing events and comments of people triggered her to get her life back on track. Including the time when she was told that she is too heavy for horse riding. 18st 9lbs weighing woman wore size 22/24 clothing, started skipping on social events due to the kind of body she had.

Mandee, the HR advisor from Oswaldtwistle, Lancs. says that she had started hiding behind a fake smile and a bubbly personality. Before this, she had always refused to accept the fact that she is fat. On the inside, she was depressed and wanted to get out of her comfort zone. It didn’t happen before she found herself stuck on the Galactica ride and decided to change things for herself.

The moment was caught on camera on Boxing Day in 2013. She saw herself in the picture and realized that it was a bad shape to be in. The moment of truth again hit her on Christmas when her brother clicked her picture and she realized how big she had grown.

She started with easy food options and joined Slimming World. There she realized how her relationship with food has changed and that minor swaps can change things for you in life.
There was an enormous change in her diet. Her previous diet was enormous and full of calories. The breakfast consisted of cereal or white toast with butter and marmalade. The lunch had contents like chippy or KFC meal, or quiche, salad, and creamy coleslaw. Dinner was usually takeaway or chili with rice and cheese. There were snacks in between like crisps, biscuits, fruit, and drinks had latte and fruit juices.

Now she has made a huge change in it and the contents of the meals are totally different. Her breakfast is healthy and has Fat-free Greek yogurt with blueberries. Lunch is even healthier with Peri-peri chicken salad with fat-free dressing or homemade veg soup. Dinner consists of 5 percent fat chili, cauliflower rice, Babybel light, or lean steak, salad and sweet potato wedges. Now her snacks are a melon, pineapple, apples, Hifi bars, and her drinks include 2 x coffees with skimmed milk, green tea and plenty of water.


This diet has helped her lose 7st in a period of 15 months. Now she is happier and at peace with her own self. She is even more beautiful now along with being fitter than she has ever been. Since then she has met a new partner Linny Craig – a personal trainer at a local gym. She now encourages her kids to follow a healthy routine rather than lazing around and accumulating all the calories in their body.

She still continues to attend group meetings as she feels it is easy to slip into bad habits. Currently, she is dedicated to the plan and tries lots of different Slimming World recipes.