This Cute Picture Is Giving All The Father-Son Goals But The Mom Is Angry For All The Right Reasons

The pain of giving birth is just known to a mother. A father could never imagine what a baby means to the birth giver. Similar is the case with this father who turned his baby into a table for his comfort and the mother is shook.

It all started when Elisabeth Henson tried to capture a moment between her partner Jamie snuggling with baby Chester. The picture had people drooling over its cuteness. But the mother’s motive of uploading the picture was beyond the adorable moment. She was infuriated for all the right reasons according to all the mothers.

She was being humorous and no mother could disagree to the point she was making. She wrote in her post “Imagine spending $19.64 on a clear blue test to find out you’re pregnant, spending nine months growing your beautiful baby, enduring morning sickness, sciatica and stretch marks, giving birth and having him absolutely destroy everything on the way out, tearing, being injected, being sewn up, having your placenta pulled out with tongs with no pain relief or numbing, and getting up every single night with him since he was born. For him to be used as a f*cking cheesecake table.” Well, we agree with her too, it sounds ridiculous but the visual is oh-so-adorable.

Her concern is not the picture but the fun the dad is having when all she is doing all the work and taking care of the baby. She explains that there are moments when the mothers want to make the fathers realize the effort that goes in pushing out a baby from her body! All the mothers were applauding her for her humor and we had our supermom of the hour.

She herself was made fun of when people noticed the dirty bottle in the background. She explained that no parent is perfect and neither is she! Like her husband, she commits mistakes too. Her say on this is that “It’s so easy to be down on yourself and worry that you’re not doing a good job, yet here I am showing the world that my partner is eating cheesecake off my baby and we’re having a laugh about it, and it is okay!” After all, we are all humans and mistakes are bound to happen when you are stepping into a new phase of life, especially parenting.

She has been clicking all the pictures, bad or good because they are all precious memories. When she funnily bashed her husband on social media, she made sure she also let him know that she was able to make it through the pregnancy because he was there to support her at every point. And whatever wrong he does, they both know how much they love their baby and what he means to both of them.