These 3D Printed Homes With Amazing Interiors Can Be Built In 24 Hours

A company named Mighty Buildings made waves by putting up a 350 square foot home in 24 hours for around $100,000 (£75,000) by using a 20ft-high printer. The US construction entity is making its mark by constructing homes using 3D printing techniques. It claims to be an eco-friendly method and uses 95 per cent less labor with 45% less cost.


With the advent of technological advancements, the worldly sphere is seeing the light of cost-effective and environment-sensitive techniques and way of living. Many commercial giants are shining in the limelight for their unique ways. They are building future lives on environment-friendly stature. A US company named Mighty Buildings is revolutionizing the construction sphere with its 3D printing techniques.

The construction entity shot into fame after putting up a 350 square foot home in around 24 hours. The company uses 3D printing techniques and methods to construct the housing dreams of the people around them. They have got a 20ft-high printer in their California warehouse to power up their professional obligations and commitments and win the trust of their customers. They take their construction giant to the construction site on their truck. Thus, their customers have nothing to worry about.

As per the officials, their 350-foot housing project used 95% less labor than used in the traditional techniques. As a result, the home stood up for $100,000 (£75,000) in about 24 hours. The technique is eco-friendly in the sense that it ends up with 90% less waste than the traditional one. Not just that, it is also cost-effective as it slashes down the cost of production by 45%.

The 3D printing method layers up the material to come up with a structure. Similar to the ordinary printers, it uses metal or plastic in place of ink. It also dons up the title of being ‘additive manufacturing’ and offers construction at low rates.

Mighty Buildings woos their customers with a plethora of designs and patterns. After that, they put up their process of construction, which is 80% automated. They get the floors and walls ready to put the desired structure. The rest of the work and finishing like, windows, plumbing and electrics flow in separately.

Not just that, a bathroom pod comes into life with another company working on it. The structure joins the home afterwards. The construction company surged in the sphere after it managed to rack $30million (£22million) in venture capital revenue from YCombinator and others. It competes with its rivals by offering more elements in the house outlay.

The company strives to deliver the housing dream in a hassle-free manner to its customers. Its website thus says, “All you need to do is choose a Mighty Unit, sit back, and relax as we deliver and install your unit for you”.

Taking on the working, Mighty Buildings boss and co-founder Slava Solonitsyn said, “As soon as you are able to produce not only the walls but also floor and ceiling, that saves a huge amount of hours”.

Well, the house dreamers can see their home evolving with prices start around $100,000 (£75,000) for an environmentally friendly, studio-sized apartment at Mighty Buildings. The constructions company is gradually making its foothold in the market as it delivered two units in San Ramon and San Diego.

3D printing is evolving as the king of the construction sphere. According to a survey, 3D printed homes will bubble up as the center of the UK housing market.

It is time for 3D printing!