The Best Overshirts For Men

While buying any product, apparel or gadget there are various lists of terms that are used to get more information about the concerned product. Depending on the inputs into a product a differentiation can be created so that the buyer gets the worth of its money and also the desirable personalized qualities. Additionally, while shopping online the sense of touch can not be used that means, you do not get to know if the product just looks sturdy or is actually one durable construction or just a fashion apparel. Very well guessed, of course we would be discussing the most adaptable, durable and robust apparel constructions that give a long-lasting wearability to the wearer and the worth of their money.

Overshirts are what are we call them now but the history dates back to 90 from now-their journey of development started when in the 1930’s the U.S Navy gave heavy duty wool flannel coats to its Chief Petty Officers. The CPO Jackets kept the officers warm but they were unbending. After having being dutiful for a certain period of time, the Navy officers returned home and in no time their jackets got famous in the local grounds. Taking an inspiration from them the manufacturers give a get set go to producing CPO shirts. Presently, manufacturers and designers have given a designer twist to the former CPO jackets but have not taken them far away from the original stature.

#The Qualities to Look for When Buying an Overshirt

Overshirts combine the look and properties of full jackets and long sleeve button ups. But there are some properties that are specific to these overshirts. So here are some features that one should be clear with before buying an overshirt which would further help make a refined search. Given below are 6 pointers to be kept in mind while purchasing an overshirt.

1.Intended Use: Firstly, ask these questions to yourself that why am I buying this overshirt, what is the purpose of purchasing this overshirt and at what all times or when would I be wearing or needing this overshirt. Once, you are able to answer these questions then only you can move further with your buy. The main usage or the idea behind buying the jacket would help you differ between the features that we will be discussing below like warmth, style, size or the construction technique. The first point should be clear in your mind to make your search easier.

2.Warmth: Though all overshirts provide more warmth than our usual casual wear hoodies, button ups or any flannel lined upper wear, but still there’s a mammoth band of warmth that is given by the various overshirts that are mentioned in the recommendations underneath. There are many factors that are responsible to differentiate the warmth provided by the various overshirts, such as the outer material, construction techniques and the presence of insulation, together they have important roles to contribute to the warmth of the overshirt.

3.Construction Techniques: The warmth and the flexibility of using these overshirts, is one of the prime selling-factor of overshirts is their sturdy and robust nature of construction. This durable construction and everlasting constructions, make them capable of tolerating rough usage and even insensitive handling. Sometimes, in some families clothing are passed on to the next generations and is seen as a way of keeping the ancestral feeling alive, overshirts can also be a part of some customs or practices because of their nature of construction. While buying such stuff online it can be difficult to guess the reliability of the construction but manufacturers make it a point that the important points are highlighted or featured to increase their sales and customers at online platforms as well. They focus on enforcing these features to increase the trust of buyers.

4.Materials: The construction technique of any apparel is primarily dependent on the material being used which further determine the sturdiness and warmth of the overshirt. Materials like cotton and wool are measurable so manufacturers would list the weight [mostly in ounces]in the product details. Although modern materials for instance CORDURA have mugged up a lot of space in the overshirt construction material. The material thus is amongst the important factors while buying an overshirt.

5.Sizing: The size of the overshirt depends on how you want to wear or style it. Overshirts can be worn as a mid-layer or an outer shell. The size that we usually refer to for shirts or t-shirts cannot be applied here always. If the purpose of buying the jacket is to wear as an outer-shell then probably a one size up than usual is recommended. On the other hand, if you want the overshirt clinging to your body as a regular shirt does then you can go for your usual size.

6.Style: A standard or a definitive CPO style-overshirt can never go wrong. It can be said as a safe styling option as well. The present shopping options exhibit a more novice and trendy looks. The traditional garment is styled in various different ways by different designers. On the other hand, some manufacturers keep the same military style alive and some may go for a more technical appearance to the men’s work wear.

Now we are pretty much clear about the various features to look in to get our search for the perfect overshirt more refined. Let’s quickly dive into the overshirt recommendations to help you choose the best overshirt for you.


Carhartt is a trusted brand for workwear and there is no chance that anyone can find any fault or with this established brand. This apparel the Ripstop Solid Shirt JAC is no exemption. It is a 7oz cotton ripstop shell backed by a flannel lining. The triple-reinforced stitching at the main seams makes it unbelievingly sturdy. The overshirt is hooked up with two-button adjustable cuffs, a pair of snap-closure chest pockets, a snap-button spread collar and hand warming pockets on the front side. This amazing, durable and sturdy classic overshirt is available in five color options, and well as different size options.

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A “Uniform” is something that has to be worn on a daily basis and any apparel that has to be worn on a daily basis needs to be sturdy and should be able to handle wear and tear. The Everlane Heavyweight Overshirt takes into it this important trait of a uniform and thus is correctly named. The overshirt is constructed from a sturdy yet soft 8oz heavy cotton twill. While viewing this item probably scrolling through online site or passing through a window you would review this as your normal flannel, but when taking a close-up this overshirt can be seen containing a countless subtle touch such as the textured pattern of the twill make-up. The product comes with a two-year guarantee and comes in four incredible colors that is in navy, charcoal, heathered green and black.

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This apparel by ANIAN is an amalgamation of a look of an overshirt and an office wear regular shirt. It is a buttoned-up shirt with the features of a work wear. This overshirt is manufactured in small slots in Canada, though it is a high-end apparel but is pocket friendly. The overshirt brags a rugged twill weave and is supported by a hardwearing cotton edifice which completely obtained from recycled products. The inner side of this unlined overshirt has been brushed, making the inner side of the overshirt extremely soft and the outer side of the overshirt can be seen with a pair of button-secured chest pockets and an ANIAN brand tag stuck firmly at the hip.

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This trendy blue denim overshirt by Saturdays NYC’s is a thumbs up from us. A regular denim jacket or upper usually is not that sturdy but this overshirt is much more durable and bushier. It is designed with a structured cut; the Kenmare is constructed using 100% cotton denim. It features a non-buttoned-down collar, and a standard twin chest pocket and a hidden reversible pocket on the opposed side. The overshirt can be suitable to all age groups as it supports a commonly used material cloth and would appeal to masses.

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The Taylor Stitch’s Maritime jacket exhibits everything a buyer would want in an overshirt. The overshirt is an evergreen apparel which offers comfort, a great deal of adaptability, brags a tough rocky make -up and is constructed to make an impact. This apparel has top-shelf fit and a luxury you can feel to your nerves, it is constructed using 15oz wool blend and is ornamented with dark horn cat’s eye buttons. This overshirt is available in two color options tobacco brown and a deep navy shade. It also features a single button shirt cut with slim fit and trim sleeve. There are also dual oversized flap chest pockets.

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This apparel by Outerknown Blanket is the greatest seller and as labeled by the company as “the coziest damn shirt ever made,”. The Blanket Shirt is loyal to its name with a pliable and comfortable brushed organic cotton make-up which is menially one step down from being covered in a blanket. This design of the jacket has received an overwhelming response which prompted the Outerknown to design and manufacture 30 diverse pattern and color alternatives of this amazingly-trendy and comfortable shirt with the same qualities. Listening to the word “blanket” makes us relate to cold and chilly nights or mornings, so that is why it stands an ideal wear for such days. Chest pockets and an organic cotton yoke has also been placed on the shirt.

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The better sweater fleece shirt jacket by Patagonia is much hefty than regular shirts, but is less bulky than finest overshirts, which further gives the customer better movement and flexibility with continuously providing warmth and adaptability. The apparel is Bluesign-approved and fair Trade Certified-sewn; it is an ecological product that is prepared with a sweater kinit recycled polyester fleece make up. Patagonia does not employ these features in only this product, they can be seen in more than 80% of it’s manufactured items and nearly 70% of the present year’s production series are obtained from post-consumer recycled content.

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This overshirt was designed and constructed to keep in line with the severities of wagers or diurnal workers. It is mastered, cut, sewn and buffed in Southern California. The Bedford Shirts flaunts a chest patch pocket, a double -layered collar, a back pleat intended to permit a full range of movement, and a prime front closure along with wrist closures with a stamping, modern -enthused metal snaps. Keeping aside the robust and sturdy characteristics of the corduroy-esque construction, the drapery has been soft-washed which amounts the overshirt to feel diligently broken in right out of the covering.

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The next in line for the recommended overshirts is yet another less bulky and more efficient shirt jacket, American Giant Redwood Fleece Overshirt is created in Middlesex, North Carolina from 12oz cotton by deploying double-needle straddle stitching and high-strength thread throughout. It is a feathery-textured overshirt also showing a complete cotton twill lining and American Giant-branded personalized metal snaps coming down the chief chest closure, fortifying the flapped chest pockets and at the wrists.

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An efficient high quality and multiple use apparel that gets its foundation from WW2 era Navy Chief Petty Officer topcoats, the Buck Mason’s Wool Twill CPO Jacket is definitely amongst the best jackets presently available in the shopping zone. The evergreen peripheral is created by using the brushed camel wool poly-blend that’s armed with a nylon ripstop construction lining which is filled with a protecting fill. This CPO jacket exhibits various properties like extra space in lieu to easily adjust underlying layers. One point to be kept in mind is to purchase one size smaller as per our recommendation.

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The Triple Aught Design Fashion is a San-Francisco based gear brand that never fails to high end quality products in stock. It has provided a strategic spin on the customary overshirt by exercising a cutting-edge Merinol -obtained wool Melton with contrast chambray overlays athwart the shoulders. This exceptional wind and weather-resistant stuff is strategically placed in important places with DWR-treated nylon and is furnished with metal slotted buttons armed with TAD signature lace tape. This product of course comes with a substantial lifetime warranty.

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The Barbour Mortan Overshirt attains a wispy feel by the use of a twisted-yarn twill construction and is guarded through a stud-front closure and is armed with one of the British brand’s standard seasonal tartan plaid-pattern linings. One very noticeable feature is that this apparel brags a specifically slim cut and thus it is not compatible for stuffing clothes underneath in it, as said there always a choice to buy a size up to suit your preferences and needs.

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The classic geometrical design is an eye-catcher and is enthused by the topography and it features one of the Pendelton’s premium USA -made virgin wool creation. The Jacquard Shirt Jacket is padded with a quilted nylon on the inner side with a diamond stitching and buoyant insulation. This apparel is available in a lot of different southwestern patterns as well as plentiful solid color alternatives. And this is an evergreen product that can remain in your closet and will never lose it’s grace.

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Almost all overshirts recommended above are durable forms of conventional flannels or rugged workwear-style button ups, though AETHER decided to turn its apparel construction to a fresh direction. The Hubble Jacket, keeps its look nearer to a more formal side. It differs from the outdoor or workforce-based items. It is a stretch cotton construction, a zig-zag quilted design under the collar, hidden zippered chest pockets, hidden-entry hand pockets, a shirttail hem cut and a distinguishing pop-color bartack at the center-front placket hem.

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Next in our recommendation is yet another rocky untouched wool construction shirt jacket from an iconic American brand, that’s made to last. It has been in the manufacturing industry for more than 50 years- and characterizing the “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” ethos-the Jac-Shirt is carved by hand at Filson’s Seattle headquarters using the brand’s own ultra- hardwearing 18oz Seattle Wool, is a ultimate balmy, wind resistant and does an incredible job of insulating whether wet or dry. This overshirt has two flap-covered chest pockets with hidden buttons placed on it.

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The overshirt by Todd Snyder is designed after taking an inspiration from traditional naval shirts as the Buck Mason mentioned above with the classic dash of the high-end quality product delivery. This garment is manufactured in Portugal and bragging a slim fit and is created from a double-layered cotton wool blend with complementing inner and external colors, two button- protected flapped chest pockets, Melamine buttons all through and an authentic Italian calfskin suede oval overlays past the elbows. The twin-needle stitching around the seams additionally provides robustness and increases the life of the overshirt.

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The garment is designed as a modified version of a spare-no-expense flannel overshirt. This apparel is created in America employing wide-gauge twin-needle stitching using an 11oz brushed tartan which was customized for FC in Japan. The buttons seen on the overshirt are personalized horn items, as seen on the tags that are also USA-made. This apparel may appear a lot similar to the other overshirts but has a definite characteristic in itself.

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