Tenants Baffled By Landlord’s List Of House Rules That Treats Them Like Kids

To say in a better way, if our landlords treat us like kids, in spite of us being mature adults by giving a good long list of house rules. Bizarre right! Being adults people know how to manage stuff. And if they’re away from their home, they get to learn lots & lots of new things. If someone’s imposing all the basic knowledge in us then that gets becomes a bit outlandish. And by basic knowledge, it covers switching off the unused lights, not touching the heating objects if their temperature is more than 18C.

All of this is too basic to be taught. But strangely some tenants were startled on seeing those kinds of rules. Any human being could have reacted in the same manner deeming human tendency, let alone these tenants. The tenants even shared the list of the house rules which their landlords gave to them, on social media to get peoples’ perspective on such an absurd scenario.

And of course, a lot of people were left stunned after they came across their post on a social media platform, that was kind of nuisance and certainly intolerable.

Some people even advised them to look out for another place where they would not be told what to do or what not to. Some shared their own weird experiences, but none of theirs was in comparison to this one. One shared that how his landlord had made a secretly hidden locked room to which only the landlord had access and that too only on Saturdays to complete his admin work.

To brief more about the house rules which apparently those landlords gave to their tenants was to shut the gates while entering or leaving the place, to leave the kitchen neat and clean the way it was before doing the kitchen work, no outdoor shoes to be worn inside apart from the indoor shoes, and the list goes on. All of this was incredibly patronizing for the tenants because none of them had brought up any kind of nuisance behavior ever and being adults, they knew such basic manners.

The only conventional job of the landlords is to make sure that everything goes right and there is no misconduct rather than interfering with issues that are so inconsequential. Such people need to learn to let go of trivialities because if not, it can lead to some major issues.