Teacher Travels To The Historic Sites To Make Remote Learning Interesting For Her Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought some major changes in the way various institutions function and things have been quite challenging for the schools. The concerned authorities, teachers, and students had to shift to remote learning and this transition wasn’t as easy as pie. But one amazing teacher came up with a creative idea to make online teaching interesting and interactive for her students.


The schools are unable to give the same learning experience to the students in these tough times. But they are putting in all the efforts to provide the kids with all that they deserve to learn.

Remote learning has many difficult aspects that we won’t know unless we are involved in the process. The teachers have to ensure that students are engrossed in the subject and are not distracted by the other stuff going around.

For making this new kind of learning intriguing, teachers have been gathering creative ideas. They definitely have some brilliant tricks up their sleeves!

Cathy Cluck, an Advanced Placement U.S. history and European history teacher has given a new meaning to remote learning with an incredible plan to engage her students in the history lessons. She teaches at the Westlake High School in Austin, Texas and since the schools have been closed due to the pandemic, she had to bring her lessons to them in a fun and interesting way.

This amazing teacher planned a “Great American History Road Trip” and began her journey to show her students the places that they read about in the textbooks. This is what we call traveling back in time!

When she reached a particular location, she would teach her students from that area and also, Cluck posted about her travels on social media.

Cluck had everything set for her adventure in advance and prepared a 15-day itinerary that included important historical places around the country. She recorded videos at every site explaining it to her students.

“This is something I’d never be able to do in a normal school year. I was just trying to figure out, how can I make this school year interesting and fun for kids? I mean, I don’t know how to do [remote learning],” this dedicated teacher revealed.

Nothing stopped her from bringing history to life for her students. “I wasn’t trained to be an online teacher … So I figured, what if I teach history from the places where it happened? Maybe that would at least make them want to log in to find out where their teacher is every day.”

The sites of historical importance that she visited include Jamestown, Virginia; the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennesee; the fields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She could not skip the famous dueling grounds in Weehawken, New Jersey where Vice President Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton. She covered them all!

Cluck, 26, uploaded all the videos on her YouTube channel. She even gave various sneak peeks of her exploration on Twitter and Instagram.

The history teacher spent her own money on the entire adventure. She gathered her equipment that would help her record and post the videos from every location and historic site.

There were a few obstacles on her way due to the COVID-19 pandemic but she overcame them all! After 11 historical sites, 3810 miles and streaming from all sorts of places like coffee shops, parking lots, this woman brought the much-needed refreshing twist to remote learning.

“Every year in July I look forward to going back to school. The pandemic was rough and not getting to hug my seniors and have closure with kids, that was hard,” she shared.

“I’ve never done anything like this before but it is probably the coolest, weird and most out of the box thing I’ve ever done in my teaching career.”

Her students received some of the most intriguing lessons on history because of her dedication and passion for the subject. She will now be teaching in classrooms once again with some new rules to stay safe and healthy.