Teacher Adds Cheeky Instructions To Homework To See If Students Read It Properly

Online classes are more prominent in the present situation and would continue to be the same until we’re back to normal. What’s more visible during this period is how students are becoming the inattentive version of themselves. So, one teacher knew how his trick could work in this case.


In order to make sure that all the students were reading the given instructions, Tyler Jackowski, used one of nice pretense to perceive who all were not paying attention. As a matter of fact, most of them were caught red-handed. He explained how it helps him to keep his students “on his toes.” Moreover, he also took one clip from his class and posted it on TikTok. And people found it to be hilarious with most of them admitting that they too would have missed it while doing the task.

A teacher from Boston, US, Tyler says: “When I’m making study guides for my students, sometimes I like to keep them on their toes. So, I’ll write things like ‘tell Mr. J he smells bad in the chat.” While the teacher takes up a clip of it, one of his pupils followed the order, to which he replied expressionlessly, “That’s really rude!” and jested in the caption, “Enjoy detention.”

The video was inundated with more than 400,000 likes and his updates in the study guide seemed to be funny. A person commented: “You clearly said ‘in the chat’ and she said it out loud, didn’t read the instructions SMH.” A teacher replied that he uses his technique of asking ‘Who is your favorite teacher?’ in the test and he makes it a multiple choice where all the options point to his name only. The third commentator believes it to be an effective way to ensure that they study properly.


A student also apprised that one of his professors writes ‘Tell me I look nice and get extra credit.’ And most importantly, she said that it works pretty well in her case as she gets to know who all have been reading the instructions. Moreover, one of his fans wrote: “Awwww, you’re a teacher who will be remembered.”

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