Study Says Eating Plants Is Better For You And The Planet

With the changing world, the need to have a healthy life has increased. Many people consider Paleo and ketogenic diets good for health. Nonetheless, there are people considering this unhealthy as well. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that diets having a low carbon footprint is good as compared to those having a high carbon footprint.


The greenhouse gas which makes the planet hotter is carbon dioxide. A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide produced by per person in a society. The USA ranked first in the carbon footprint list all over the world. As per the University of Michigan, 83% of the carbon footprint comes from food production.

Most of the emission comes when food is grown and then transported to the grocery store. Most of the carbon emission occurs at the time of refrigeration.

Meat and dairy are not good for the environment. It needs a lot of natural resources to raise an animal. Most of the animals are vegetarian and rely on farm products for food. The farm animals’ waste is also a major issue as the waste is stored in piles and lagoons which discharges greenhouse gas when it starts to decay. It tends to contaminate water if mixed with the water system.

However, there are few environmental impacts of the plants as well. Though they have a less environmental impact, it’s effects cannot be neglected if we are comparing food on the grounds of environmental impact. Greenhouse gas is produced during the production of plants as it uses water and few fertilizers during its growth.

Both animals and plants have one problem in common. They both need to be transported from one country to another. The truck, boat, plane which is used during its movement produces carbon dioxide from its fuel. They both need draining of natural resources and therefore, it leads to the production of greenhouse gases.

The demand from the community also varies. The person who eats animals needs the production of plants for animals to feed. The person who eats plants needs production of fewer plants as compared to the person who eats both plants and animals.

In the end, the question arises, what should we eat? We can conclude from the above facts that the diet having more plants and less of animals and dairy products are healthy for the environment as compared to any other diet. This diet is good for the environment as it includes less carbon emission and it also cuts out all the cholesterol and fat that meat and dairy products contain.
However, this study doesn’t suggest to become vegetarian. This was a comprehensive study to know the environmental impact of the food that we eat.

Nevertheless, it is all about our health and health requires balance. A study shows that the people who only eat plants are less healthy as compared to meat-eaters as they are eating more processed food. It is necessary to eat more natural, nutrient-rich food to maintain good health.

A balanced diet is the need of an hour indeed. It is the key to have a healthy and prosperous life. We all should look forward to it.