Staying Near Water Is Linked To Being Happier

We do know that our existence revolves entirely around the existence of water. This is also the reason why we look more for its evidence on the other planets. And if you assume that here, we are focusing on its consumption only, you’ve guessed it wrong.


Because simply, staying near the water provides calmness to one’s self, and this fact is backed up with some studies as well. Have you ever wondered why most of the photographs of vacation are usually clicked near a beach or a swimming pool? Blue Mind’s author Wallace J. Nichols says that we are drawn to it because “people associate it with being calm.”

Why we would spend our entire vacations near a beach or a swimming pool or even pay a hectic amount to just see this blue thing. Also, there are coasts which cost a lot more than it’s easy on the pocket, but most of us are still willing to pay for it. “You’re paying for a feeling. When you ask people to describe that feeling, it’s hard for them to describe other than to say they really like it, need it, and are willing to pay a lot of money for it,” says Nicholas.

Studies also say the same with one of them conducted in the UK proving that people who live near the sea are generally happier and healthier. The other reason is a concept called ‘blue exercise’ where things like swimming and kayaking provide a soothing outcome to our mind. Just taking a walk near the beach also does the work and floating in water is linked to reducing the stress level hormones, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, recover better and elevate the level of your creativity.

Or else, if you don’t prefer the above said, just listening to its sound can also help you to relax. Spain’s University of Granada conducted a study where it was established that the sound of water was linked to proliferating positive feelings. Well, it’s one of the reasons why it is used for meditation as well. You can fall asleep to the sound of the ocean waves.

W. Christopher Winter, the author of The Sleep Solution, explained: “There is some research that says people may sleep better when they are adjacent to nature. No wonder sleep machines always feature the sounds of rain, the ocean, or a flowing river.” So, if you’re looking forward to planning your holidays after the pandemic, there stands no reason to fall back.