She Trusted Her Contraception Pill And Still Fell Pregnant With Triplets On The First Date

Contraception is important if you don’t plan to make offspring. But what if the contraception fails to do its duty and then you end up being in a tough spot. This woman got pregnant with triplets on the first date, even though she was on the pill.

A resident of Northampton, Hannah Donaghue, 29-year-old is a mother to two children before this incident happened. She has fallen pregnant twice while she was on her pill. This time, eight years after changing her pill, it again happened to her. She went to an old flame for a party and met Ben Fagan.

The first time, when it happened to her, she was an 18-year-old girl and she didn’t have any intention of starting a family. She was living with her then boyfriend and she thought it was sheer bad luck that led her to this situation. She had her first baby Megan, now 10.
She then went to the GP and changed her pill and started taking it religiously. After two months she again missed her periods and she was dreading why had it happened and then she saw two little blue lines in the window. And she hit the labor room again and gave birth to Charlie, now eight.

Coming back to the old flame party, Ben and Hannah met that night after years, one thing led to another. And Boom! She was pregnant again, for the third time, while she was on the pill. A night full of passion turned out to be a huge responsibility. Both of them were not ready for it but thankfully, Ben stuck by her and was there in her journey.

She got her period on time but two weeks later she woke up with a feeling of a wet pajama. She directly went to a doctor and she got the news of being pregnant. When she went for a sonogram, she lay on the table and scanner was over her stomach. There were 3 heartbeats and Hannah’s heart skipped a beat after hearing this news.

Both parents couldn’t believe the fact that they were pregnant with three babies. All the triplets were all non-identical, that meant they had all been conceived from a different egg. After 16 weeks, they got to know that they were going to have two daughters and a son. The couple welcomed their trio babies in October 2018. They were tiny in size but they were strong and were allowed to go home 18 days after delivery.

Ella Rose, Kasey, and Lester were the three children. All this meant that Hannah had given birth to five children while she was on the pill. Now she has given up on the pill and is leading a happy family life. Ben jokes that they are going to need a limo with this size of the family.