Recovering From Vitiligo, This Model Wants It To Stay Because He Considers It His Identity Now

Don’t we all want to be perfect in every way possible? However, the definition for perfection may vary from person to person and this man accepts himself with the imperfections he was born with. And now that his vitiligo is decreasing, he is bothered that his imperfections would be lost.

Lack of melanin pigment can cause discoloration of the body. This can affect different people differently. In the case of Winnie Harlow, the pigmentation is in a similar pattern and for Bashir Aziz, it is all over the body. Bashir Aziz was born with the autoimmune disorder that covers him with white patches all over his body, face, and hair.

From Tooting, London, this 23-year-old aspiring model is proud of his marks and his unique identity. In his teenage years, he was looking for a solution to these patches. However, he is now comfortable with the imperfections and now is now getting depressed as his patches are disappearing.

As a child, it affected him due to bullying and name calling. This took a toll on his confidence. To save him from all the nasty comments, his mother used to cover up his patches with makeup. It helped him as fewer eyes caught his attention and the staring lessened. When he grew up, his struggles were different such as he had trouble in dating women, socializing, talking, opening up, and all the activities that required him to show his skin.

As he has grown up, it has become a part of him that makes him unique and he started to think about himself differently. He now flaunts it at every platform and even on social media. He has been appreciated for all the hard work he has put in his modeling career.

It is something that has been his identity ever since he was born. So, now he wants to hold on to his identity. 80% of Vitiligo has reduced to now 40% to 50% of his body. He is glad that his body is functioning as it should but the part that makes him unhappy is that he is no more special.