Planning To Hike In Italy? You Better Not Be Wearing Those Flip-Flops Or Get Ready To Pay A Fine

Italy can never disappoint you when it comes to the scenic beauty. It is people’s favorite for hiking. If you are planning to go there in your flip-flops and sandals, we have bad news for you. You might face a fine if you are in your flip-flops while you are hiking.

Pictures of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, the Cinque Terre coastline, define what gorgeousness looks like. Moreover, the pictures don’t even do justice to the real gem of nature’s beauty.

So, if you want to witness the beauty for yourself, go ahead and take your hiking friends along. However, don’t forget to take your hiking shoes.

The view of rugged cliffs, surrounded by bright blue sea might get costly for you if you end up paying fine for wearing flip-flops and hiking.

These five UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites’ national park has released public information in which they have warned the tourist against climbing the cliffs without appropriate footwear.
Still, if you choose to ignore this piece of information, you might have to pay fine between €50 ($56) and €2,500 ($2,826).

The reason behind this new rule is that it is becoming tough for mountain rescue teams to help ill-prepared visitors.

If you happen to visit there, you will find posters and flyers that will advertise the fine. Also, when you purchase a Cinque Terre card, a warning will be issued for you.

Patrizio Scarpellini, the director of the Cinque Terre National Park, said, “These are difficult paths, in some cases, similar to mountain paths. So, it becomes essential to have proper shoes.”

He said that a law enforcement group, Comandi Regione Carabinieri Forestale will be working together to keep a track of the trials and to inform tourists of the ban.

This ban is just another way to accommodate thousands of visitors in the park. This year the number of visitors is expected to reach 750,000.

So, if you are planning a trip, make sure you avoid all kinds of fines by being fully prepared.