Pastry Chef Made Costco Themed Birthday Cake For Friend’s 30th Birthday

Nikki Olivia a super fan of Costco got the best birthday surprise for her birthday. Her best friend surprised her with a birthday cake and Nikki loved it. Everybody could see Nikki’s love for Costco. That superstore is a place where you can get amazing food for pocket-friendly prices.


Nikki’s best friend and pastry chef Samantha Waller brought Costco themed cake for Nikki’s 30th birthday party. Nikki knew that Samantha was bringing the cake for her birthday party but she was not aware of the surprise Samantha has planned for her. In an interview Samantha shared, “I thought it would be great to go all out, I chose the Costco-themed cake because everyone who knows Nikki knows that Costco is her favorite place ever.”

The cake was very detailed with the dressing and decorations. There was even a mini-slip of the order that Nikki regularly places at the store. Other than that there were mini churros, salsa hotdogs, Nikki’s favorite drink, and other toppings. Not only these are Nikki’s favorite but also Costco’s staple products.

Posted by Samantha Cakes N Bakes on Sunday, February 10, 2019

Samantha has only one regret that she could not make Nikki’s favorite croissants and pumpkin pie in miniatures for the decorations. She tried but with less time on her hands she could not pull it off. The cake she made for her friends usually takes days to get prepared but the pastry chef shared how she did everything with her work.

Waller is a Los Angeles based pastry chef and the owner of Samantha Cakes N Bakes and told how she got creative with the cake. In her locality, she has a friend who owns a printing machine that prints edible items, so she emailed everything and got print out on edible paper. For the receipt, she molded the actual receipt onto thinly rolled out fondant and let it dry overnight in an empty egg carton to create its wavy shape.

Posted by Samantha Cakes N Bakes on Sunday, February 10, 2019

Later she made the replica of Nikki’s membership card of Costco for Happy Birthday Nikki sign. Samantha knew it would be perfect since Nikki is the executive member at Costco and for the replica of the card she has a friend who is a graphic designer who helped her out.

With all the help from her friends, it took Samantha two days to make the cake from scratch. This is just on the outside, the inside of the cake was filled with fresh raspberry and vanilla buttercream. Nikki loved everything about the cake and was overwhelmed by the surprise.

Nikki was surprised by the cake because she thought Samantha would be bringing a round cake with some sprinkles here and some sprinkles there. But what Samantha did for her shocked her. She was emotional with this gesture.