Parents Raise Their Daughter Believing She Is A Real Witch

In a recent post shared by the parents, where they have clearly admitted that they first read J.K. Rowling’s stories to her, when she was just 5 years old and explained to her that the wizarding world was real.

The post said that she was almost eight and as her questionswere getting deeper. The questions she asked kept building the illusions with more details about their family genealogy and its connection to book characters, stories about times they used magic. Before other parents could judge, they knew it was gas-lighting and that eventually she’ll be disappointed and might have trust issues with them as she would eventually learn the truth. They clarified that they were adding magic to her childhood and were trying to motivate her so that she could reach her full potential.

The parents mentioned that they had consulted her teachers who believed that it was awesome and creative rather than damaging. Believing that a pool of criticisms might flood their ways, they added that it was no different to raise a child who might grow up to believe the truth behind the traditional religious stories. The stories might teach her to be critical in her approach while asking questions and also not simply accept everything that is told on the face in near future.

The twitter post gathered more than 43,000 likes in which many were seen defending the parent’s logic. Let us have a look at some of the responses and comments. One has replied that what was the difference between that and telling the kid that Santa was real or that little elf who actually didn’t move on its own every night? What exactly was the difference, tradition? A second commenter said that he saw no difference between that and having raise a child in religion or within the bounds of religion. A third one added that he was raised as a Christian but his parents didn’t tell him that he was a descendant of Jesus Christ.

Apart from the above comments, there were many people who were bit harsh or infuriated with the complete scenario. There was this one soul who added that instead of just teaching their daughter to love book, should they be doing that, really? Another one said that best case scenario would be when one fine day that kid would walk out of their lives and might never speak to them again.