Mum Transformed Daughters’ Floral Room With A Dalmatian Makeover

Jessica Ingram gave a DIY restyling to her daughters’ room. Arabella, seven and Allie, five always wanted a spotty design in their room. The creative mother of two transformed the ornate room to the likeability of the two. She even refurbished the room. This created an extra storage space. The daughters now love their new space.


Jessica created the dalmatian wall print in 4 hours. She used regular black acrylic paint and brush. She used a stencil to do the creative work. This DIY design of hers is winning applauses all over. Being a mother, she had to fulfill the wish of her kids. But the main highlight was that she kept herself in her budget lines. DIY’s are supposed to be economically viable and attractive. Jessica Ingram set a perfect example for it.

Earlier, the bunk beds in their room took a lot of space. The girls had no space to play in their rooms. But the super mom even had a solution for this. She replaced the bunk beds. An elevated cabin bed was bought for them. This created ample space in their room. Creating enough storage space, they also had their private space. She ordered the beds from Amazon and some extra storage space from IKEA. This DIY room transformation of Jessica, which she beautified with some fairly lights is remarkable.

Not only her daughters but her DIY on a Budget Facebook page was delighted to see her work. People poured in loving comments and likes. The Super Mom rocked the internet with her creativity. Along with before and after photos, she wrote: “My girls nagged for a dalmatian bedroom, they share a room and had no storage for toys, so I painted the wall using £4 acrylic paint and small brush myself and added the beds from Amazon and the rest underneath from IKEA. These materials are readily available.

Maybe seeing Jessica more people with transform their rooms on their own. They would not need to depend on a professional. Staying at a place created by self gives a vibe. The warmth and feel gives another level of comfort.

It is an apt example that there isn’t a compulsion to buy costly materials to make a place feel lovable. These efforts by mothers travel to their children. A good parenting teaches us to live happily in what we have. Making the best use of resources available and feeling contended is just a state of mind. Being satisfied and happy is something many people fail in. But understanding that life is too small to crib is a necessity.