Mum Organized “Kidchella” Theme Party For Daughter’s Birthday

Most parents struggle to find the right theme to match the dreams of their child about his or her birthday celebration. This mom came up with the most unique idea and threw a ‘Kidchella’ theme party for her 7 year old daughter.

The celebration had it all- Ferris wheel, an ice cream truck-everything! But how did she manage all of this without disturbing her finances? Well, she splashed £1,000 on the ‘Kidchella’ birthday party!

So, Amy Ward, mother of Taleah, the birthday girl wanted her baby girl/s birthday to be perfect, one worth remembering but she struggled to spot the exact theme- something that was not too childish yet not to mature. After begging every nerve in her brain for ideas, the 32-year-old woman was motivated by her interest in Coachella, the outdoor music fest to organize a carnival named ‘Kidchella’, a party where both kids and adults could have fun.

The Australian lady took to Pinterest for ideas about how she could turn her simple backyard into a party zone full of fun and frolic, after hours of research, she organized the whole thing in just 963 pounds- which includes food, accessories, and décor, surprised? Well, the most expensive thing that she brought was the bell-shaped tent which was sourced from eBay. In her interview with the Femail, she mentioned that she made sure to add that kiddie touch so that it became enjoyable to everyone present at the scene.

Any also brought huge sculptures of balloons shaded in earthly colors that added to the aura of the event, apart from this table runners, just rugs, scatter pillows and table décor were either borrowed from relatives or the old ones were used. No doubt Amy had to spend quite a lot on big-ticket items but yet she saved tons of money by choosing the utensils, vases, cutlery, table cloth, milk bottles, and cloth for decoration at a wholesale price- which turned out to be super low..Additionally, all kids were made to feel special by giving each of them a flower crown.

Other activities for the little ones included- face painting, candy and ice cream stations, etc, but what took the cake was the Ferris wheel made of humongous pipe cleaners made by daddy Ward and decorated with vibrant ribbons by mommy Ward. As far as Taleah is concerned, she was on cloud nine, her crocheted ‘boho’ princess outfit was the highlight of the evening. Next Amy took to her Instagram account to share the amazing pictures of the day and describing all about the events and availabilities of the day, she also mentioned being super happy with the result.

The day was perfect not just for the birthday girl but also for both her parents as well as the guests, who enjoyed every bit and every second of the celebration- from the pre-ordered snacks to the homemade designer cookies, which by the way each had a name- dream catcher, teepee, etc. And even though Amy did spend some amount of money she had tips on how to keep the costs even lower.

Her tip as to sit and decide a theme beforehand, so you have ample time on your hands to buy the necessary items. Amy also mentioned that everything need not be expensive, one just has to be thoughtful and a good planner, be local, be novel and try to buy durable items.

So there you go, now you too get to organizing the theme party you have been dying to host!