Mum Of Three Is Mistaken For 19-Year-Old Daughter’s Sister

Looking younger than your age comes with its pros and cons. Rajan Gill, a 50-year-old makeup artist from Coventry, is often misinterpreted for being sister to her 19-year-old daughter Jasmine. She has been asked for her id frequently while buying alcohol. Sometimes the praising makes her overwhelmed whereas it’s inconvenient in some situations. To avoid misunderstandings she also carries her driving license.


Not just the workmen assume her age wrong but she is also judged wrongly by the strangers and even compared to her 25-year-old daughter Neelam. Rajan has a mixed viewpoint regarding this as often her daughters feel uncomfortable for being compared to their mother but she on the other hand finds it to be a great laudation.

Her family time and again laughs about such scenarios, they are like, ‘and here we go again.’ The thought which people have about her being the same age as her daughters make her feel admired. Rajan was also panegyrized by people on Instagram for looking much younger than her age. It’s always unbelievable for people to accept how old she is. Also to accept the fact that she has two full-grown daughters is difficult for people.

Rajan shared an incident where she was asked for proof of age at the hardware store to buy spray paint for a radiator which legally can be bought only by people who are sixteen and above. She described that to carry her ID has become an important task of her life as she randomly gets asked for it even to buy a bottle of wine, which sometimes makes her feel inconvenient. She feels that makeup plays a big role as it confuses people and theymistakenly assume you to be younger than your age.

It generates a lot of stress on the younger generation to look older than their age. At times she faces the pre-conceived notion of society that a 50 -year- old shouldn’t dress in a certain way or do makeup, responding to which she follows the principle of doing what makes you happy.

She puts ample effort in taking care of herself. To lead a healthy lifestyle she avoids eating fast food and also lays out money on a series of products. She has never done Botox or any other remedies and is grateful for her good genes for having youthful looks.

When asked about never getting wrinkles she said that she never gets them because she never sunbathes. ‘I will go to the pool and stuff on holiday but I will never lie in the sun for hours on end. I will sit in the shade as the sun can age you. I swear by products that help your skin too, such as Bare Minerals, as it doesn’t clog up your pores.’ she added. She further looks to invest in skincare products.

There hasn’t been any problem in her love life due to scenarios where she is assumed to be younger. Rajan’s husband Harpreet is ten years younger to her but that makes no difference as people always assume him to be older to her. She said.’ I was apprehensive about dating a younger man when I first met my husband but we just clicked.’

She appreciates the looks she has and wants to take care of them throughout the lifetime.