Mother Caught Son Getting Alexa To Do His Homework

Doing homework is not always the favorite thing to do in the world, especially when it comes to Mathematics. A young boy was caught by his mother while he was getting his homework done by Alexa. He was all cheeky while his mother was watching him get his homework done by Alexa. Well, Alexa is there to make your lives simpler.


9-year-old Bryce used Amazon’s A.I. assistant to do his homework while his mother Leanne Gormanley was preparing dinner for the family. Sure Alexa is there to make one’s life easy and simpler and the boy just proved it. His mother was amazed when she found out what her son was using Alexa for. The boy had no regrets of getting his homework done by Alexa.

Leanne went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for her family and asked her son to start with his homework. She was in the kitchen when she heard voices in the living room. When she checked the living room she was both shocked and amused to see her son doing his homework with the help of Amazon assistant, Alexa. She recorded everything and shared it online.

Everybody could witness how her son was getting Alexa to do his homework. She was watching everything in amusement and with her eyebrows raised. But eventually, she interrupted him and asked what he was doing to that his son gave her a cheeky smile and replied ‘Doing my homework’. He continued asking Alexa “what is four multiplied by four?”

Leanne could not stop laughing but controlled her laughter and went to mother mode and told his son, ‘No, that is not how you do homework.’ Bryce was not at all affected by it and continued with his questions to Alexa. His mother told him that he will have to do his homework all over again without any help towards the end of the clip.

When Bryce’s mother shared this video online with a caption “I would say it’s a fantastic effort son… NOT. Alexa is NOT how you do your home work Bryce. 10/10 for cleverness on this aul boy. Really could not believe the cheek of him doing it when I was in the vicinity.” The video received a lot of attention with nearly 2 million views and 20,000 reacts.

Well, it is true and obvious that this is not the right way to do one’s homework but the boy should be appreciated for his cleverness and efficiency. He sure is making the most use of the Amazon assistant Alexa. Some even commented on the video shared, ‘Awe well done Bryce. Got to give him credit for even doing that lol.’

Well after witnessing the whole thing Bryce’s mother was worried about his academic performance but the latest parent-teacher meeting helped her relax a bit. She has a chat about his son’s performance with his teacher and the teacher assured her that he is doing well in the class and is a good student. Her teacher said, ‘he is doing great in all aspects of his academic studies’.

Well, Bryce is no different than other children of his age who refuse to do their homework. At least Bryce is using his brains to make sure that his homework is done.