Man Switched His Name To Celine Dion While Drunk And Refuses To Switch It Back

This is about a man who legally changed his name while he was drunk. He was celebrating his Christmas listening to his favorite Canadian singer’s performance. After a few drinks he changed his name to that of the singer’s name. Later he realized and since then he didn’t wish to switch it back.


A man named Thomas Dodd was very fond of a Canadian singer named Celine Dion. He was a diehard fan and admired her. He used to watch a lot of her live concerts on television. He spent most of his time in lockdown watching her concerts. Celine Dion was his popstar idol. It was around Christmas when he was watching one of her singing performances. He was enjoying his day and had a lot of drinks. After getting completely drunk, the idea of changing his name popped up in his mind.

He was completely out of his mind after being drunk. He made a major decision of changing his name from Thomas Dodd to Celine Dion. That was how much he was obsessed with her! He wanted to share his name with his absolute favorite singer, his super fan! It was several days later when he received eight copies of a deed poll. It was then when he realized what he had done when he was drunk. Even after knowing the fact, he loved the idea and didn’t wish to change his name back anytime soon!

Whenever Celine, formerly Thomas, thinks of the idea of changing his name, he discovers it to be a “great idea” that he had after having a few drinks. He had no plans to reverse his decision. The day when he received those eight copies of deed, the only thing that he was concerned about was how he will get his email footer changed by the HR department. However, he was quite happy visualizing the fact that it would now be easy for him to get to the backstage of the concert.

Initially Celine’s parents didn’t like his decision. They were totally against his name switch. But eventually, they agreed to the idea of name conversion from Thomas Dodd to Celine Dion. Celine loved his life after it was named as Celine Dion, the popstar idol. He was given opportunities to perform in TV shows, of which one was “Ellen”. He got a chance to receive $10,000and fulfill his dream of getting trained as a paramedic. Celine had become a local celebrity in Clifton Campville, Staffordshire.

One day he was on the escalator in ASDA and someone shouted ‘Celine!’ Following the grace and dignity of the artist, Celine waved back to the adoring fan. Alongside the popularity that he had gained after changing his name, there were some setbacks sharing the same name with Celine Dion, Canada’s best singing artist. Even after his shoulder got injured, he couldn’t go and see a doctor. Being with the same name for a month, Celine had no plans to change it.

He was totally enjoying his life and wanted to stay on the same lane. In his words, he was “100 per cent committed” with the name Celine Dion!