Man Learning To Play Trumpet During Lockdown Received Notes From Neighbors

When everyone is glued to their house in lockdown, no one wants noisy and intruding neighbors. Ironically, where people mostly hate it when their neighborhood is too noisy, one guy who was learning to play trumpet all day during lockdown received a generous response from his surroundings.

The chivalric guy had sent a note to his neighbors apologizing about the noise that he created while trying to learn a skill. He included in the note, “I apologize for the trumpet. It’s going to be rough for a while.”

The guy received many responses for putting up the note. A neighbor responded, “Hey! Been listening to you for a month! You are awesome! Love listening to you, keep it up, and thank you.”

People from his surrounding were grateful for listening to his tunes which was evident on the notes which said that the neighbors felt joyous listening to his melodic saxophone tunes. Maybe the man got lucky for getting such generous neighbors or he genuinely played the trumpet well.

The person in response to all the generous notes said, “Thank you so much! I worry that it may annoy people. It means the world to me that you enjoy it.” This sweet gesture of neighbors was shared by the guy on Reddit with a poster that said happened in New York.

Someone replied on Reddit saying that post reminded them of their neighbor who was trying to learn a brass instrument during the lockdown and how good it felt to see the neighbor improve over time. The commenter added, “Back in March they mostly just played scales. By summer they could play some basic songs, nothing super recognizable but I could tell they were improving.”

After a particular time, he also heard them playing beautiful songs like My Heart Will Go On and Bohemian Rhapsody. In response to listening to such melodies, he responded, “Random Neighbor, Keep it up! And I’m expecting to hear some Mozart and Beethoven by this summer.”

Another person commented by quoting, “These little silver linings make all the difference at this moment in time.” Such positive comments by the public boosted the confidence of the trumpet playing guy who was thankful for the notes he received from his neighborhood.