Man Is Marrying His Wife 100 Times In 100 Countries

No matter what you do, how much you try there is always one thing or other that remains unfinished or not so perfect at your marriage. Every couple wishes they could relive their wedding days. Some choose to have a second ceremony in the later part of their lives. But this couple is doing something uncommon while travelling the world.


David Galaudet, Travel writer and his wife, Morgana Rae Galaudet have made a goal which has never been done before by any couple, they plan to marry 100 times in 100 different countries. Just after getting married, Devin was on an assignment in Mexico. While couple was just walking downtown Puerto Vallarta with some friends they came upon ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ that is when Devin jokingly suggested to get married there.

“My wife said, Absolutely!” Devin explains. “Together we marched to the front of the cathedral and while Tammilee, our friend talked about love and her own relationship I thought about the things I didn’t say during the first round of vows. While I took it all as a bit of fun, it was obvious that my wife saw this as an important extension of our first wedding. So did Tammilee and the people in the pews, who stopped praying to watch this wedding. Within a couple of days, I knew this would be something that needed to continue.”

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Jokingly, Devin said: “This has been the smartest thing I have ever done in a relationship, My wife knows that I love her and this brings loads of peace into our relationship.” Up until now the couple has already been married 20 times in 15 countries, trying to marry in all the different ways possible.

Telling about the fun weddings and sharing their favorites Devin says, “My wife loved getting married in Turkey by one of the government ministers in an 800-year-old farmhouse. She was brought in on a horse and we wore 300-year-old traditional wedding clothes borrowed from a local museum. There was also a traditional Slovenian wedding at Lake Bled and I carried my wife up the 100 steps of fortitude to ring the bell of wishes.”

From a traditional Balinese wedding to a Mayan wedding that featured 40 costumed dancers, a dancing horse, and a 10-year-old lasso champion this couple has experienced everything and has got married way more than any normal couple ever would be. Writing more about the first 20 weddings in his book, 10,000 Miles with my Dead Father’s Ashes. Hope they achieve the feat quickly and a centurial congratulations to the couple for ‘all their weddings’.