Man Hid Behind Bushes To Teach Girlfriend A Lesson But Received Backlash

A 20-year-old man faced the wrath of the world when his plan to teach his girlfriend a lesson flattered out. His girlfriend used to walk home alone through the dark streets to save some money. His concerns nudged him to chart a plan to unveil the dangers of night walks before her. But it went the other way.


Plans do not just impinge on their formulation. But the elements of implementation and outcomes also decide their level of success. So planners need to put their foot down with care while laying down the bits of their plans. A 20-year-old man grabbed the salience of this fact when he faced the debacle of his well-knit plan to teach a lesson to his girlfriend.

The Reddit user was concerned about the safety of his girlfriend. The woman used to walk alone from her home to work and back. The concerns reached the peak when she started calling him while walking back home through the dark streets in the night. Walking down the lane, she used to share her scary moments with him. Her talks often shed light on her fear of walking alone. She used to call him up when she felt like someone was stalking her. The slightest rustling of the leaves would make her freak out and call him up.

The man offered to drive her back home to relieve her nerves. But she was not interested in his offer. According to her, it was no big deal. Not just that but she did not take any bus or train from the nearby stations. She wanted to walk her way to save some pennies. Looking at her condition, he put forward the offer to pay for her travel expenses. But that too did not work with her. She decided to carry on with her night sprees.

Gradually, her night calls became a part of his routine. Those stressed calls started to take a toll on his work as the clouds of her safety would shroud his brainy nerves. So he thought to put a brake on her night walks by charting out a plan to teach her a lesson. He just wanted to bring out the gloomy facets of late-night walks before her.

Finally, he came up with a plan that looked perfect to him. One day, he hid in the bushes near her home when she was about to reach her home. The moment she stepped near the bushes, he jumped out to scare her. And his plan worked but went to an extreme length. She screamed wildly with heart in mouth and dropped her phone.

On seeing him before, her nerves boiled up. She burst out with rage. The man tried to express his intention but in vain. She shared the incident with her near and dear ones. To his horror, they all ridiculed his act.

Down with the response, he shared the whole incident on his Reddit account. He revealed that everyone she has told thinks that he was in the wrong, but he feels she really needs a reality check. But to his dismay, everyone turned the tables on him. Many of them turned up to lash at him. One of them said that the main lesson she’s going to take away from this is that her boyfriend is inconsiderate.

Hopefully, the things would cool down for him. Others have got a lesson to learn from his terrible act.