Job Applicant In Tears After Receiving Email Worse Than Rejection

A woman got rejected by a company she had applied to for a job. She shared her rejection letter on twitter and people were left in a fix if this was sweet or horrifying.

This woman had apparently applied for the job and had shared the letter that dropped into her inbox later, and people added that the contents of the letter were worse than rejection.

A twitter user had shared a screenshot of the message which was captioned as, “I am CRYING at this job rejection email. Like I didn’t need all this???? I just saw a role posting and applied?”


After the bad news had broken out, she received some words of wisdom pouring from people stating that until then, she should keep trying and applying. Non one would really remember the rejection, it only takes one “yes” to change it all. But, don’t take it from us, but from them.

It also had references from six high school successful individuals, who’d bounced back from rejection to conquer their dreams including: The Beatles, who were turned down by Decca Records executive, Dick Rowe, who believed that guitar groups were on the way out and that they had no future in show business. We ponder how he must be feeling now!

The messaged also claimed that Jame Dyson had gone through 5,126 prototypes of his ‘bagless vacuum cleaner’ before he could find the one that functioned and that Michael Jordan was dropped from high school basketball team before going on to win six NBA championships.

It ended by saying that “May this rejection be a tiny and forgotten step on your road to the next big ‘YES’ – the one that really matters”

Though well intended, the letter didn’t go down with the applicant nor many others who were online, as the tweet rose up almost 4000 likes with one person commenting:” Where on earth have, they copied and pasted this from!” We wonder how Dick Rowe must’ve felt then. He had died in 1986.

Jokes were being cracked, some of which involved that hearing about James Dyson’s hoover failures would’ve made him feel much better!!” Another added that this email was worse than the rejection while someone else questioned if it was sweet or horrifying, he couldn’t decide.

Someone also added that didn’t this make them lack foresight. They could’ve created a superstar but they decided to become one of the many to pass a great talent. A defending reply had followed which said that we all need rejection emails like this. Throw in a meditation and yoga flow too or perhaps a rejection hamper, it is hard out there.