Instagram Influencer Revealed His Mother Works At 2 Jobs To Finance His Lifestyle

An Instagram influencer acknowledges that his mother works at 2 places. She does so to pay for the glamorous lifestyle of her son. The guy and his wife are fond of traveling. This guy has a page GO FUND ME to arrange money for his next trip.


Catalin Onc and his wife Elena Engelhardt have an Instagram account – Another Beautiful Day. Herein, they upload their pictures from their travel spots around the world. In recent times, they have been to Bali, Nepal, Paris, and Copenhagen. They are again preparing for a journey from Germany to Africa. This, they shall be covering on a tandem bike.

The most surprising thing is that they don’t pay for their trips. They are dependent on their 34000 generous followers and Catalin’s mum. They said that money would be required for bike and gear, food and accommodation. Not only this, they would also need a SIM card with internet enabled to keep their followers updated. Money would also be required for insurance emergencies, and also to make arrangements for the trip, and any unexpected expenditure that may occur. Any help in the form of dollars, messages, couch or garden for tent, etc. would be welcomed.

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We could write a long text about mental health or global warming. We could tell you about following your dreams, or how important stepping out of your comfort zone is. We could tell you how beautiful traveling is, and it’s benefits, or the fact that most news don’t match reality. But we’re going to show you!  Less talking more action. Starting on the 20th of July in the middle of Germany, on a tandem, me and Eli  will cycle towards Africa, and hopefully beyond. We want to take you all on this huge adventure. A celebration of life, as we ride freely across mountains, by the sea and through metropolitans. We will show the beauty of this planet and it’s inhabitants, but also the ugliness. But we can not do this on our own. We need you! The funds we raise will go towards the bike and gear, food and accommodation (when needed), internet and SIM cards in every country to keep you up to date, insurance, emergencies. We need funds now for preparation as well as throughout our trip. Every dollar, every message, every couch or garden for our tent, any help you can offer will help us go further.  We hope you all enjoy and learn with us. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE another beautiful day with love Cat and Eli Link in bio Or paypal [email protected]

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This would help them go ahead. They desire that their followers learn about different cultures from their trips and have fun with them. They were able to raise 200 euros for the trip in one week itself. The couple mentioned in a comment that they are thankful to their mom. The comment has, however, been deleted now.

The couple commented that they have never asked their mom for funding their trips. His mother loves to pay for them. Yet, the followers were nasty in their comments. They didn’t like the mother paying for their trips. One follower even recommended the couple to get jobs for themselves. Another follower hinted that they were being pietistic. Another follower said that the mother’s mental health may get affected by working 2 jobs simultaneously.

They are open to accepting money. Their post read the following. “This is how I feel when people make money the biggest topic.” He added that having tattoos, a beautiful girlfriend and followers on Instagram open doors for everyone. The pair also said that they may lead a luxurious life and portray all of it on social media as others do. But they chose not to do so.

They have repeatedly stated that they don’t have money and hence, donations and mother’s aid are accepted. After all these incidents, their page failed to get money as much as they had desired as only 6 people donated in 8 days’ time