Gymnast Teacher Shamed 9-Year-Old Girls For Not Wearing Apt Gym Wear And One Mother Is Not Okay With The Invasion Of Personal Space

An anonymous mother vented out her frustration on Mumsnet when her 9-year-old daughter along with her four friends was asked to wear a sports bra or a crop top while in gymnast class. The reason was that the t-shirts they used to wear showed their bare chest when they did a handstand.

The girl came back home from her class and asked for a bra to wear to school. The mother was confused that why would she ask for it when her body isn’t even growing any breasts as she hadn’t even hit puberty yet. When her daughter told her that the class teacher publicly shamed her and her four friends for not wearing bras yet, the mother was pissed at the behavior of the teacher.

The girls don’t need bras as of now and the mother wrote, “I can only assume this is to cover up their 9-year-old nipples for fear of … what exactly? Are the boys to cover their nipples also?”

The more irritating part about this incident is that the little girl is now uncomfortable about her body which wasn’t the case prior to this comment by the teacher. The girl now feels a need to cover up the breasts that don’t even exist on her body.

Initially, the girl asked for crop tops to wear at school which wasn’t an issue for the mother. However, the girl herself wasn’t comfortable wearing them and hence stopped wearing the same.

Now the girl feels need to wear it even if she doesn’t like how they feel. And why’s that? Because she has to please her not-so-understanding teacher. No mother would have a problem with her daughter wearing a bra, the only condition being that they need to have some before reaching the stage of wearing the uncomfortable undergarment.

She wrote, “None of the girls in question have anything resembling actual breasts, they are all skinny or muscular wee things. I can understand it being reasonable at 9 for girls who have started growing breasts. If that was the case surely the way to go about it would be to have a discreet word with that child’s parents rather than a blanket rule for all.”

Some people see no harm in the teacher’s concern and she didn’t take a dig on one child. However, the mother is not agreeing to how they see this situation and went on to say, “Should they all have glasses so a few don’t feel singled out? Shall we give them all braces regardless of need?”

Some parents agree with the mother and say that the teacher totally crossed the line and should have let the parents have this conversation. Some people said that tucking in the t-shirts is the most basic solution but the mother isn’t sold at this comment as well. As she doesn’t think there is anything to hide.

Whatever the teacher says, or the people on the post, the decision to wear a bra remains with the mother and her daughter.