Family Is Charged Per Plate For The Christmas Dinner By Mother

Festivals are the times when people spend with all their hearts on food, decorations, gifts, and sweets. The same is the story of the woman who loves to decorate her house and prepare food for her family. But after some years she has started a new tradition of charging money per plate from her family and has no regrets about it.


Apart from the decorations and the gifts, the main expense is done for the Christmas dinner. The table is set with turkey, roasts, bread, wine, pies, cakes, and other mouthwatering food items. Mandie Holgate, from Essex, loves to decorate her house and host her whole family for Christmas dinner. She has been doing it for five years now.

But this is not how it always used to be. Earlier her mum and dad, her sister and her husband and her husband and she used to take turns for the family dinner. But after her mum got her knee surgery, it was her sister and she hosted the family dinner.

But after some years passed by even her sister gave up the idea of family dinner because she didn’t like it. Since she loves all of it now she hosts everybody for the family dinner. 46-year-old Mandie, and mum of two shared her story in which she mentioned that the whole fare of hosting the dinner and decorations costs her dearly, although she tries to buy everything locally.

But with the doing the decorations, cleaning, baking, cooking and running her shop its been too much on the plate. And after Christmas, her whole budget is in disequilibrium. So when she put her offer on the table of charging each person £40 per plate, nobody objected to it.

They were even ready to help her out, despite paying the charge per plate. Especially her sister because she does not want to cook and take care of the decorations. Everyone is happy since they will be getting good and tasty food, a place full of decorations with music at the back and wine in their hands. All they have to do is suit up and be there with £40 for their plates.

When her story was shared many people trolled her while many supported her for the decision she took. She added “I do it every year and my family are happy to put in because they don’t want the work and the mess, so where’s the big deal? Why should it leave me skint in January? It’s crazy. We’re all part of the same team, the same family and I love it.”

As a rational human being what she did is right and she alone should not bear all the expenditure even if is for a festival. When everybody is earning she should alone not shoulder all the expenditure.