Family: Extinguishing The Bizarre Blaze

A family in Texas was busy putting out the fire in their backyard on Christmas. All of it because of a magnifying glass in the hand of a 12-year-old. Read on more to know what this is all about.

Have you ever imagined a Christmas, where a family is busy, not enjoying the festival but extinguishing ablaze in their front yard as an outcome of some backyard science? Seems bizarre. An interesting fact associated with Christmas, especially for an enthusiastic family is the right to wear matching pajamas. This might seem like a catalog of some garment stores, but nonetheless, it also gives you the opportunity to wear pajamas for an entire day, enjoy festivities and drool over lip-smacking food of the festival. However, it is equally rare for a family to go out and put out a fire.

Apparently, a family in Texas was found doing the job of a semi fire brigade. Well, interestingly a 12-year-old member of the family who seemed to have a scientific bent of mind, in lieu of doing some backyard science using a magnifying glass accidentally, set the front yard on fire. Initially, the family thought his demand for asking for magnifying glass to be significant because of him being a scientifically inclined person but later realized the truth behind.

Fortunately, he wasn’t alone he was able to gather the support from his two brothers. Unfortunately, for the family, it was a windy day, which turned the small fire into a bizarre bonfire of the front yard.

The very next moment, we could see the adolescent boys, who ran inside to yell at the top of their lungs and informed the entire family about this mishap. The family, in no time, gathered with all their might, equipped with buckets, sprinklers, blankets and what not, just to extinguish the paper fire, which, because of the notorious ideas of the adolescent boys, turned into a front yard blaze.

We should probably be thankful enough, that our Christmas morning was not as chaotic and upside down as it was for the Texas family and that we didn’t have to act like some fire brigade squad with synonymous pajamas, who was on a mission to put out the fire.

The mother shared that since it all ended well and on a happy note hence they shall never be able to get over this any time soon. Perhaps, she added doubtfully whether their neighbors would be able to forget it anytime soon or not.