Embarrassed Customer Adds An Order Note To Justify Big Order

Sometimes all you want on a Friday night is sit back at home in your pajamas, have food and watch a movie or just have some time to yourself. A soothing and peaceful time to yourself is what one seeks sometimes and that is perfectly fine. When you are in the mood for some fried food and fear that for your takeaway the staff and owner will judge you, then you are wrong.


But if you fear that you will be judged by the delivery guy who might think that you are a greedy pig then there is the perfect solution to it. Every time you have the dilemma that you will be judged, all you have to do is leave a note in the comments with the restaurant. This is a very amazing solution so that the restaurant does not think badly of your gluttonous request.

A person in Toronto was recently having a bad day and turned towards fried food to her rescue, but did not want to be judged for her choices of comfort food. She ordered her comfort food from Fresco’s Fish and Chips which included three lots of mozzarella sticks, deep-fried pickles, slaw and diet coke to top it off. The total came to $26 approximately, according to the photo of the bill posted on Reddit.

The bill showed three lots of mozzarella with only one slaw and pickles, which was a bit odd and to explain the same the customer left a note in the comments section so that she is not judged for her greedy gluttonous comfort food request. The note read: “Yes I meant to order 3 mozzarella sticks. Please don’t judge me. I am (sic) having a bad week and was so excited that they were back on the menu.”

This customer felt it was necessary to explain why he needs three orders of mozzarella sticks. from funny

After the picture went viral on the internet, Michael Fresco has been receiving nonstop order notes. The notes were very funny and one of them read “Didn’t have as bad a week as the other person, but you need to give them a kickback for letting Toronto know the Mozza Sticks are back on the menu!”

Fresco and his daughter Adriana understand the need for comfort food. They posted the notes on Reddit and stressed upon the fact that they are not judgmental.

We all have been there and it is totally fine whatever the customer orders. Their only duty and responsibility is to deliver them food which satisfies them mentally and emotionally. At the end of the day how you feel is important, and not what others think of you!