Dreams Do Come True: ATM Vending Hot Pizza Now At A College In Ohio

Food on the go! A dream come true for everyone. The food that includes some tasty pizza. Double the kudos. This Pizza ATM is what all the college students ever wanted. This ATM dispenses out pizza at a cheap price for all the college students who are craving for some gooey cheesy pizza.

Imagine having a big machine dispensing some delicious smelling and tasting cheesy pizzas. This is quite an appetizing scenario as it is, but even more, appealing in a college drab atmosphere. But this fantasy has been turned into a beautiful reality for Ohio State University students. The generally drab and not too tasty food menu has now been turned into a delicious cheesy delight. This high-end student appetizing upgrade was unveiled as a Pizza ATM. This has its own special spot on the second floor of Morrill Tower, where it spreads smiles to some quite hungry teenagers. This quite tasty ATM is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For the general use and an additional four hours for the student meal plan cardholders.

This pizza is prepared in a few simple steps. It requires two steps and a very hungry teenager. The first step is the most important one, the preparation of the pizza. This step is completed in the nearby kitchen with two classic flavors cheese and pepperoni premade. Then the second step is storage. This is done in the refrigeration unit present inside the ATM itself. Then the arrival of a hungry teenager initiates the next step. The last step is the tastiest and the happiest. The heating of the pizza in the internal oven and the dispensing of the amazing pizza of the students’ choice baked to the perfect temperature. All this baking takes a mere three to four minutes.

The accessibility and minimal waiting time aren’t all this machine have to its credit. This absolutely loved machine also has a very nominal price. Each 10-inch pizza costs only $8 which is pretty feasible for the students. At a time, the ATM can hold about 70 pizzas at a time, just in case the closest dining hall is closed.

Abby Hertzfeld, the associate director of operations of the Office of Student Life Dining Services said in the released press note that the students love the pizza at any point of the day. They could gobble one even for breakfast. He also affirmed that this is their pilot program with limited hours. But they aim to work on extending the hours throughout the semester.

Let’s dream to have these ATMs around us soon. Till then, we can satisfy our cravings from the under thirty minutes delivery guarantee our pizza operators give us.