Couple Had Their First Meal As Newlyweds At McDonald’s

Nowadays having a big fancy wedding is what every couple dreams of. But instead of having numerous courses, lavish set menus and exquisite silverware for their post wedding feast, this special bride chose to keep it simple and sober. A classic double burger from McDonald’s was what she dreamt of.


Angel Korotnayi, 23-year-old bride was in seventh heaven as she was getting hitched to her long time sweetheart, Michael Korotnayi. But she was not hesitant to confess that Mc Donald’s was her first love.

Angel wished to go and have McDonald’s in her wedding gown itself. To fulfill the dream of his lady, Michael, as soon as they got spliced took her straight to the golden arches to have their first meal as newlyweds. They were unable to reach the restaurant on time and therefore had to drop off the plan.

But soon after they tied the knot, the couple reached the counter in their beautiful apparel and ordered their regular order, i.e., two McDoubles, two small fries and two sweet teas. They chose to have happy pictures of them enjoying their burgers, feeding each other, instead of barging each other’s face with a cake.


Speaking about her special day, Angel, from Toledo, Ohio, said that it was not shocking for her husband to know that McDonald’s was her first love since he knew it from day one. Unlike other brides who dream of having a fancy feast on their wedding day, she had always dreamt of keeping it simple yet unique. What’s better than celebrating the best day of your life with your ‘first love’?

I asked my husband if we could go and get McDonald’s and take fun pictures and of course, he obliged. Our photographer was also on board and she was very excited to take pictures at McDonald’s.

As one can see, McDonald’s in their latest advertisement have shown numerous well-dressed wedding guests stopping by the restaurant for a quick snack. But to be honest it is quite unusual to see something like that in real life.

The bride confessed that she obviously got some funny and weird looks from other customers but after all what matters is how positive their reception was. She said, “Customers stared at us at first, then they stopped us, said congratulations and that we looked great. When we walked in the door the employees went crazy. They were loving every second of us and one employee even asked us if they could put us on their Snapchat story.”

Angel further added that she not only got the man of her dreams, but the dress of her dreams and she got to share her first meal with her husband at McDonald’s. She couldn’t really ask for more. It was just like she was dreaming with her eyes open. It was the best day of her life.