Colton Underwood Is Facing Backlash For His Comment On Period Blood

We are all fans of juicy feud or dating rumors and that is the reason we watch “The Bachelor”. Here your random comment can make a humungous drama. Like Colton Underwood's recent comment on period panties is making headlines. We must say, Colton Underwood, that move was below the belt, literally!

Isn’t it obvious yet? This era is of women and if you choose to say something against them and their natural body processes, you are going down baby. You better watch your words when you talk about periods.

People adore him on the show but his comment has got him a backlash he hadn’t expected out of a random comment.

He recently appeared on the Lady Gang show and he was presented with a series of questions. One of the hosts asked him, “Colton if you’re married to me, do you notice if I’m wearing cute underwear or, like, period underwear?”

Colton had an answer to this question and that was the moment his social media timeline was about to change.

He said, “You keep ’em around? Go buy new underwear. Throw them away, and go buy new underwear. Throw them away. I, as a husband and a boyfriend, will go buy you new underwear. That is so gross. So if you sh*t your pants, are you just going to wash them? No, you’re throwing them away.”

And that was it. That was his mistake and people couldn’t take this insensitive comment.
Also, the host explained it to him. The host said, “it’s not shit. It’s the flesh of my womb.”

However, some people are taking issue with the initial comparison of period blood to “sh*t.

Well, if we had to take Colton’s side, we’d say maybe he didn’t know what is the actual purpose of Period panties (PP). He should have been told that PPs are old, inexpensive, or unflattering pair to go through a week of the waterfall, instead, here the water is red.

Just to clarify, periods aren’t gross and neither are period panties. Every woman needs to have them so that she can save her lacy ones for the special nights.
I rest my case, my lord!