Cheating Husband Leaves The New Bride Pregnant And In Debt

Well, it is true that social websites such as eBay are not only useful for making money but can be used to make a statement. A social website is the best platform to make your point and tell your opinions to the world. It helps you get the attention and audience at the same time. But what this woman sold on eBay is gold!

One woman used a social website called eBay for making money out of her wedding dress and made a statement through it. She tried killing two birds with one stone and somewhat succeeded in doing so. She was desperate for some extra money and selling her wedding gown was the last source for her extra income. She wants to make a statement about her failed marriage life in public. Not that she does not believe in forever, but how one should be careful with the decisions they make.

Everything was going well in her life until she found out the truth about her husband. She married the guy she fell in love with, fulfilled his dream of a lavish marriage and was truly happy with her life. It was just after six weeks in her marriage that she found that her husband was cheating on her.


She told her story on the social website, which included the reason behind selling her wedding gown and why she needed extra cash. Her husband not only left her with a broken heart but also a debt because he wanted a lavish wedding. And to top everything else, she found that she was pregnant with his baby.

Therefore, to pay off the debt and support her baby, she wanted to raise some extra money. Every parent wants to give his/her baby a stable life and to do so, she has to have some extra cash with her and no pending debts. Thus, after making sure her wedding gown is dry cleaned, spotless and in a good condition she finally put it on eBay for sale, hoping that there will be some customers.


Though she started the bid with 25 euros, after some bids, the cost went up to 51 Euros. We hope she got a good price for it!