Canadian Girl Used PowerPoint Presentation To Persuade Her Parents To Get Her A Cat

Christopher Doyle, a citizen of Canada posted a presentation made by his daughter to convince him to buy her a cat. The tweet included 4 images of different slides of the presentation. In her presentation, the girl highlighted the pros of having a cat. In addition to this, she assured her parents that she was completely aware of her responsibilities and duties of taking care of a pet.

The girl revealed that she had researched for 5 years on getting a cat as a pet. Further, she said that it would be the happiest day of her life. In the last slide, the girl added a picture of a cat with a template saying, “Thank you for watching, and please consider.”

It didn’t take much time for the tweet to go viral and people across the internet are totally impressed by the girl’s presentation. Users have bombarded the comment section and tried to convince Christopher to get his daughter a cat.

The official handle of Microsoft examined the girl’s presentation and commented too. Microsoft wrote, “Very impressive presentation, she has us convinced.”

One of the users commented that cats are great for teaching diversity. Further, she said that black cats are always the last to be adopted as they are considered unlucky. When she gets back to school, she can help teach her classmates about how that is not true and that they are easy to photograph.

Another user joked that he was grateful that he isn’t in any design field. The children out there are creating professional looking PowerPoints and he can barely ensure the correct photo is posted to Twitter.

Some other user said that even though she is a dog person but she feels that the father has no choice but to get her a cat.

One person wrote, “Someone hire this child already (and get her a cat or 3). She argues like a lawyer and presents like a marketer. She’ll probably end up ruling her country one day.”

However, Christopher is not sure of getting a cat as his wife is allergic to them. To convince him, people are suggesting breeds that are hypoallergenic, gentle, social, and don’t shed hair.

Christopher further shared that his daughter loved the overwhelming response and support she received. The father now has updated his Twitter bio which reads, “Looking for a cat for my daughter…”