Boy Leaves A Sweet Note For Weight Obsessed Mom

People get on their feet as they find themselves putting on some extra pounds. They try all the feasible things around them out to get back to their original shape. Same was the case with a mum named Kelly McCarron. She got into the habit of weighing herself often in a day as gained 19.8 pounds. But it came to an end when her son put down a gentle note for her.

It was a matter of weight for Kelly and her husband Ruairi. They had put on enough pounds in the last two years. So they were determined enough to give out the extra ounces at any cost. Resorting to some weight- loss tricks, the couple spent six months to grab their goal. She shared that they took up fasting for 16 hours and even reduced their diet. The mother of two weighed around 121.254 pounds before. So she was too serious to get back to that level. This prompted her to weigh herself often on the weighing machine.

Finally, her 37- year-old husband secured his objective but she could not. This put her in a whirl of agony. The 35-year-old mother attributed it to the fact that she often turned to food for comfort. According to her, she had got two children to look after and she put herself last. She was on the verge of breaking down. But with god’s grace, her son-Jack came up to salvage her. One day, she went around weighing herself on the machine. On reaching there, she found a paper stuck on the machine. She picked it up and was about to throw it in the bin. But soon she found that something was written on it.


Unfolding it again, she put her eyes on it. It was a note jotted down by her 12-year-old son. The Perth resident could not believe her eyes. The heart toughing note said, “Does it matter?” That moment brought in some air of solace for her soul to cherish. She decided to switch her trail. Then she went to her doting son and inquired about his motive behind the note. She guessed that he might want to get a new Nintendo game. Whatever was his motive; she was really touched and enlightened by that note.

Eventually, she gave up her weighing routine. Then she decided to click her pictures to see her real condition. The healthy lifestyle finally knocked at her brain. The relieved mom shared that her daughter stepped on the machine and copied her. She told her to immediately get off it and reminded her that she did not need to weigh herself. The scenario finally ended up by showering revelries on them. Jack got his reward as he bagged his favorite game. Finally, everything settled down on a happy note.

Kelly is fortunate to have a loving and caring family. Her life is certainly a brightened one in this gloomy world.