A Teenager Married A Grand-Dad And He Is Being Tagged As “Child Snatcher”

The age gap between spouses has always bothered the society and this story is no different. A couple head over heel for each other but society can’t accept the fact that a teenage girl fell in love with a 62-year-old grandad.

Samantha Simpson, met her husband, JR, when she was 18 years old through mutual friends. They started talking and hit it off, and after months she was in love with this man.

Samantha’s family had issues with the age gap of the couple and in under no circumstances they were willing to accept it. Hence, Samantha decided to move to a separate apartment in Berryville, Arkansas, USA where JR joined her. Later on, they got their first joint home in Wichita, Kansas.

After one year of dating, they got engaged and sealed the deal with the ring. After dating for about a year, they got married on January 8th, 2018. They are actively trying to have a baby and are very serious about their affair.

Despite the fact that they are seriously involved, people won’t stop trolling them for the fact that they have such a large age difference. People won’t stop calling her husband a ‘child snatcher’, ‘pedophile’ and mistaking him for her grandad.

Samantha explained that whenever they are out, holding hands and kissing, people would give such names to her husband and all this upsets her to the core. This happens every time they go out, without exception. While they both are happily married it seems like people are getting affected by it a lot.

JR is mature and knows how to treat their partner, according to Samantha, he is unlike all her previous partner. She was instantly drawn towards him and his gentleman quality and she wouldn’t change a thing about him or their relationship.

JR has kids from the previous relationship but they still want to have their own kids and maybe that will make things better and people will stop bullying them. She also said that she doesn’t want to bring children in the world where people have nasty things to say about their father.

She said, “We hope that by sharing the story of our relationship, people will realize that it isn’t a joke and we are very serious about one another despite our age gap and appearances.”