A Man Discovered His Booked Airbnb Is A Shipping Container In Amsterdam

An exotic and hassle-free journey to the lanes of Amsterdam is a dream come true for many. One would spend days in framing each and every bit of it to lose heart to its charming vibes. But all the vibrant dreams of Ben Speller got shattered when he discovered his Airbnb as a shipping container in Amsterdam.

Ben, like many others, was longing to pay a visit to the ‘Venice of the North’. So he took out his plan on paper and worked on everything to give his trip a perfect shot of comforts. Going ahead, he grabbed the issue of accommodation. To ensure security in this regard, he resorted to the website of Airbnb. After going through a plethora of offers and deals he went ahead with the one that suited his interests and needs. It was a neat apartment attached to a private bathroom. All this nailed him with a bill of 100 pounds.


Finally, the dream day came and he landed in Amsterdam. High on his spirits, he boarded his taxi and sped away to discover his scheduled destination. Following every bit of the details, he whizzed past many lanes. He tried hard to figure out his accommodation but in disdain. On his way, he passed a shipping container three times but didn’t believe it to be the one. Finally, after wandering here and there, he returned back to the shipping container and checked it. He was astounded to find that it was his booked accommodation. A neat apartment with private bathroom! Standing in the middle of the road, he had no way out but to check in some hotel. This made him shell out 230 pounds more from his pocket.


When this matter was voiced up, Airbnb officials tried hard but could not nab the owner of the shipping container. It dumped the container and apologised for the inconvenience. Refunding money back to Ben, Airbnb compensated for the loss by paying him his hotel bill. But to its dismay, all this could not salvage it from being a laughing stock in the digital market. Sarcastic remarks poured in from all across the globe that has surely tarnished its image for one more time.

A thrilling holiday is a must as it rejuvenates soul and mind. But it should not be so thrilling that it makes one lose out on his nerves. This incident has exposed the glitches present in the digital world. All the online platforms are weighed with the onus to ensure a safe and secure stay of their clients. They are expected to deliver their best services to one and all. An austere approach is needed to crack down on the bogus hosts that operate with full liberty on these platforms and rob travellers of their peace. A promising and pragmatic policy from their side can bolster the trust of travellers in them.