A Good Night Sleep Will Give You A Good Memory

There are many dangers out there which we are exposed to if we don’t get a proper sleep. Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are some of them. These are the dangers we are well aware of. However, there is a new discovery that shows that a bad night’s sleep leads to loss of memory as well.

Generally, six to nine hours of sleep is considered a required amount of sleep. A normal person should sleep this much in one night. Although, with the intense working environment and so much pressure of work and education, this has become a very rare thing to achieve. Generally, people only have five to six hours of sleep in a night nowadays.

A recent study shows that without proper sleep our brain is also not able to retain much information with itself. It tends to erase a few memories in order to give place to new ones. We tend to lose previous information in order to give place to new information.

Each day is a new day to learn. We learn many different things every day. We read many different things. We see a variety of things and meet a lot of people. There are many things that we keep on adding to our brain data every day. Things are diverse and they need to be stored.

A proper night’s sleep helps our brain to store the old memories somewhere in the corner. We get to use those memories at the time of the need. The proper sleep also enhances the working of the brain to strengthen new memories. Overall, the better sleep we get, the better our brain functions. It also increases the efficiency of our doing any work.

Losing old things for new ones is not a good option. So, the best option that we have is to have a sound sleep. We need to take time out of our hectic schedule to get proper sleep. Proper sleep would make us healthier. As it is said, “A healthy population leads to a healthy economy”.

To celebrate the need for a proper sleep we celebrate world sleep day on March 13th. In the year 2020, the theme of the world sleep day was “Better sleep, Better Life, Better Planet”. This day is celebrated to raise the awareness of proper sleep among common people to save their health. In return for saving the health of common people, a nation is saved.

It is the request to all the readers to try to have a sound sleep. As we can say that proper sleep is not only good for a person’s physical health but it is also important for a person’s mental health. Focusing on mental health is also need of the hour. At the end, we can say that if you sleep well, you would only win in life.