A Family Built A Roller Coaster In Their Backyard Amidst COVID-19

While 2020 was a dreadful year for some, it was an opportunity for others, to do what they didn’t usually get the time to do, to try out new things and to enhance their skills. While some worked on bettering their baking and cooking, others tried their hand at constructing exceptional things. An example of the latter is the backyard version of Disneyland’s prominent Matterhorn roller coaster, which is nothing less than any kid’s fantasy fulfilled.


This fun-size Matterhorn has been built in the Napa Valley of California. The LaRochelle family constructed this roller coaster as a proxy to fill in for the original ride which they couldn’t get ingress to because of COVID-19 restrictions in California. The LaRochelles lately uploaded a video on their budding YouTube channel, Magictecture, in which they revealed this roller coaster. Matterhorn: Alpine Escape is what the family refers to their coaster as. They affirm it to be “the most elaborate and detailed backyard roller coaster ever built.” It is an extremely daring claim, although it may be true.

In the video uploaded by them, the LaRochelles flaunt their whip, with every spin lasting as long as 30 seconds. More than just looking fun and exciting, the ride also has many details resembling the real coaster. The most noteworthy of them being, needless to say, the angry Yeti. Right before the riders plunge, spring and warp back down to Earth, the Yeti roars. Sadly, the family did not furnish any facts about how they constructed this miniature roller coaster. Even though the facts related to the construction of the ride have nothing to do with how much you enjoy it, people still might be curious to know how much time it took the family to build it and how much it costed them.

Maybe with this information, some other family gets the inspiration to build a similar backyard ride for themselves since a lot of us still don’t have access to theme parks due to COVID-19 guidelines. It’s rightly said that in the middle of difficultly lies opportunity. While some people might’ve wasted all the months in 2020 complaining about how Covid-19 made their lives difficult, others like the LaRochelles made the best out of their free time.