A Family Built A Ford Mustang Out Of Snow And It Received A Note Of “Illegally Parked”

The official start of spring was on March 20, 2019, but it was still very much winters around that time in the Omaha area. A family took advantage of the snowstorm and decided to create a Ford Mustang out of the snow. What happened next is hilarious.

Jason Blundell and his two teenage children were paving way for their vehicle by shoveling driveways in their neighborhood. They tried to make this monotonous work a bit interesting. How? Well, they didn’t let the snow just sit, rather they made use of it in a way that is artistic to the next level.

They used the heaps of snow and gathered their tools to make a sculptor that is a dream to every petrolhead. They used the equipment to carve out a Mustang out of the snow. They did such a good job that it was nothing less than a real mustang covered with snow.

Oh boy, the sculptor was such a masterpiece that they had to document it and they even posted a picture of their “snowmobile” on Facebook. When one of the friends, Nebraska State Patrol Sgt. Mick Downing, saw the post and decided to make it more fun.

He came to the site where they had made their own Ford Mustang and wrote a fake tow-away notice and kept it on the supposed “windshield”. He then took a video of the car, posted on Nebraska State Patrol’s Facebook page, and captioned it as “illegally parked car”.

The family used a skid loader, concrete wood floats, shovels, ice scrapers, and a squirt bottle to build the desired car. Even if the work was of finesse but they didn’t expect it to go viral to the extent it actually did.

This was not the first time that someone had built a replica of a car out of snow. In Canada, Simo Laprise built a car that got cops stumped at first look. They wrote a note and it read, “you made our night!!!”

We are glad people are not just sitting with their blankets in snowy weather and are actually bringing their creativity to life.