Woman Turns Glitter Into A Big Business Expecting A £50m Turnover In The Next 5 Years

We all follow trends or at least try to stay updated with what’s going around in the market. But there’s a better option than doing that. Make your own trends! You read that right. Jenna Meek, 26, turned glitter into a huge business idea and her turnovers are just as glistening as the stuff she sells!

There are a lot of business ideas that are in thoughts but are not executed yet. Of course, we need a strong push and courage to finally take action about that spark. The plan won’t take long to turn into a big business that would be accompanied by huge numbers. That’s exactly what happened with Jenna Meek and her glitter business.

No one can actually imagine that a tiny thing like glitter would give someone a taste of millions in terms of earnings. However, Jenna rose above our imagination and proved that glitter can lead to a shining future for herself!

This young entrepreneur from Bishop Auckland, County Durham began with a small festival pop-up, The Gypsy Shrine in 2016. She was adamant about following this business and had a love for the sparkle. So, she invested some money to give a kick start to her dream that was renamed to Shrine. Her business is now touching great heights.

The tiny shining particles turned into a glistening future for Jenna. She owns a store in Carnaby Street, Manchester. She even launched a clothing range for the festival season called Drippin with Jewels. Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner were spotted flaunting her designs too. You go, girl!

With continuous efforts from her team, the business kept increasing and she received bulk orders from Pretty Little Things and Asos. She can expect a turnover of £50 million in the next five years. That is how much the glitter is worth, people!

She revealed in an interview, “I am really excited to be expanding Shrine further into more categories in the next three years; for me, taking it from a small festival brand to a global lifestyle brand, with an expected turnover of 50 million is so exciting and a place I could have only of dreamt about when I first started the business.”

She added that they have seen a drastic change since they started working on this almost four years ago. She is backed up with a great team who are constantly working to build better products. The company launched beauty and apparel and people loved the style leading her to make a huge profit.

If you take a look at the Instagram page of the glitter products, you’ll know the reach! More than 400,000 people follow the page and it is trending!

Jenna can’t be more grateful for her business having such an incredible impact and getting so much attention. She said, “It’s a very daunting thought to think of where we can be in just five years time. We’re still a super small team of only eight of us, but knowing how much we have achieved so far and how amazing the team I have is, the ideas and passion from everyone in the team, I know we can do it.”

The entire team is ready to experiment keeping the essence of the glitter alive. They have succeeded at quite a few experiments in the past and they are motivated to attempt more now. The festival season seems incomplete with the sparkly jewels and accessories from their company.

Glitter carries a lot of worth and we are aware of it now!