This Man Has Had More Than 150 Sexual Partners And Has Used Protection Just Once In His Life

Protection during sex is the second most important thing you think of when you plan to get laid. First thing obviously being the person you will be having the sexy time with. However, this man removed the word “condom” from his dictionary after using it once in his life.

JJ, who works as an escort has provided his services to over 150 women and has admitted having used condom just once in his life. He appeared on E4’s The Sex Clinic, where he claimed that he has bedded 30 women in last six months and when it comes to the shagging part, he doesn’t use protection.

When he showed up at Clinic, he had had a threesome with two of his pals and confessed of not being a fan of protection.

When he asked the nurse if it is bad or not, the nurse gave an answer in strong affirmation and said, “Yes, yes it is JJ.”

He said, “I’ve been paid for sex. I served drinks in a thong and was regularly asked for extras – it was older women in their 40s or 50s as well.”

He has not even thought of using protection even with his customers. This has left him with the risk of numerous STIs and even of becoming a father.

JJ came along with his friend, Patrick, who has slept with 20 to 30 women in the past 12 months, post his breakup. And everything is acceptable, except the fact that he doesn’t like to use protection either. He revealed that he hasn’t gotten his health checkup done in last three years and is worried about the same.

He agrees to the fact that he might not be the safest guy on the planet to have sex with. But when he thinks of a night out, and while being drunk, sexual safety is not something he’d be concerned about.

Then we have a 20-year-old man named Callum who has a phobia of condoms and finds them stressful and a total passion killer. While talking to nurse Kevin he said, “I’ve got a phobia of condoms. Every time I put one on it doesn’t work. It’s not me that’s scared of them, it’s my dick that’s scared of them. I know you should use them for your sexual health, but it kills my buzz. If someone asks me to use a condom, I get all flustered and go red. I feel like I’m back in school in sex education when you’re trying to put one on a banana, except it’s a floppy banana.”

Even after all the details, all the men who appeared on the show tested negative. We hope it stays that way in the future as well or they start using a condom as soon as possible.